Saturday, May 12, 2007

Silence is golden...

...unless you are a mother. Typically silence means trouble as when I visited my neighbour the other day and ended up helping her scrub her two little ones off once we discovered why they were so silent. She was down one tube of diaper cream, they were up a whole load of fun terminated in a bath and shampoo each.

Today I was lulled into ease by the giggles coming from the three youngest, after all it is only silence or high pitched screams that require immediate investigation. Right? However, the background of water and splashing should have clued this vastly experienced mum into realizing something was amiss. Alas - I ignored the clues and continued deep cleaning my bedroom.

Finally I needed to take something to the bathroom where I discovered my error in assuming the giggles were the result of some simple game being played together. This threesome had decided to wash their feet... and about 6 inches of bubbles made me very suspicious. I can not, no matter how much I beat the water, get that many bubbles with a reasonable amount of shampoo or baby wash. One glance at the cupboard where a very soapy bottle lay innocently in the toothbrush basket did little to allay my fears. A quick handling of the bottle told all. The once full bottle was feather light and e.m.p.t.y.

After scolding them for such waste I stripped them down and tossed the three into the tub. After all there was little point in wasting all of those bubbles and I was able to get about 20 minutes more cleaning done resulting in squeaky clean children and a very tidy bedroom. It seems that 1.99 is a small price to pay for so much cleanliness... not to mention a tubful of fun. I guess the bottle of bubbles was not wasted after all. More importantly I now know to check for the cause for giggles; when accompanied by the back ground music of running water. Read more!