Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fashion Diva

My three year old entered the bedroom with a plea.

"May I wear my new pretty skirt pleeeease Mummy?"

As she is already sporting a small chocolate stain on it- only 6 hours after purchasing it from a local consignment sale, I agreed.

She pulled it off the top of her little crate of shelves that currently serve as her dresser.
and slipped it on. Then she began to explore her dresser for a top - I have no idea where the top that came with it yesterday is. And I fear to look for it - given it was pure cream colour before she hit the homemade chocolate reeses pieces made yesterday.

After pulling out several drawers and pushing them back in - she lighted on the one with tops and shorts, with the shorts prevailing. She finally decided on a navy blue shirt, struggled into it and announced to me.

"This is too boring!"

"Boring?" I asked.

"Yes, B O R I N G. " And she whipped it off, tossing it back into the drawer. She then pounced on a single pink glove and pulled it on her left hand. Satisfied with her attire, she left the room in her red checkered skirt, pink glove and shirtless.

OK.... I am completely ready for the teen years just waiting around the corner. Yup! Totally!

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