Wednesday, March 12, 2008


If you have been following our saga you know that company that held our Canadian Retirement funds did not bother to keep a record of the tracking number of the package that contained our cheque and now it has been almost a week since they sent it through UPS.

I am having to work on letting go and trusting. It was so easy the first day when the cheque did not arrive as we expected it to. We simply assumed that it would be here on Monday as the person we spoke to on Friday said it had gone out with UPS that morning... sadly we did not even think to ask for a tracking number at that time, although I doubt that would have made a difference as who ever sent it had already NOT recorded it.

However, I can truly see the benefit of this wait. I can even see God's hand in the tracking number being left unknown to us. In this way we have to blindly trust. Because of this we cannot be continually reassuring ourselves by tracking the cheque's progress online. "Ok, the package is at the border, the package is in NY, the package is...."

The disciples had to walk through all of Holy Week - not knowing the future and they had to trust that all would be alright, that God's hand was in all of these mysterious events they were facing. So too are Hugo and I being asked to trust that God is in control. Not UPS, not us, GOD is.
And it is so HARD! So please pray for the graces for Hugo and I to let go and trust. Read more!


... my oldest baby is leaving for here:

Aimee, dearest, is there any chance you could squeeze me into a small corner of you suitcase so I can enjoy some of this scenery with you??? Read more!

Love is...

...seeing that mummy is too tired to wash out the tub
and run a bubble bath for herself so you do it.
Thank you Bethany!
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You know you are really tired...

...when your two year old who routinely asks you around 7 am every morning 'if its morning' and today you have to stop and think before you can say: "Umm, yes it is morning." Read more!