Monday, September 04, 2006

Recycling only please!

When we first toured this house the owner, whose husband had grown up in the house, proudly showed us the laundry shute that was accesible on two different floors. A most modern convenience that had been outdated by the re-location of the washer and dryer (thankfully) to the main floor from the basement, the owner gleefully showed us how it opened and pointed out the cute flowers painted on the lids of the shute's two locations, the main and second floor. I tried to restrain my inward shudders from showing as I thought of all the dangerous games young children could think of to play with such a device. I determined then and there that we would nail both covers shut as soon as we moved in.

However - before we had moved much of anything in besides our paint and ladders, the kids discovered a most creative use of this shute - place the recycling bin under it in the basement and drop all of the cans down there - straight from the laundry area beside the kitchen.

So I relented. It was after all quite a useful idea.

Then Milo moved in, (another story for another time) resulting in The Lions Den springing up - a club in the basement. This brought with it a new use for the recycling shute.

Knock on it below so that those above on htemain floor knew you wanted to speak to someone upstairs... and if you wanted to speak someone in the "den" below, one simply opened the recycling shute and shouted below.

Nifty idea - until 6 year old Nathaniel stuck his head down it with 3 year old Emma promtly closing the lid - jamming his head. Nathaniel's screams of rage and terror could be heard through out the house, as well as Emma's terrified pleas for help. As I was occupied getting the baby to sleep - Hugo had to deal with it.

The communication box is once again for - recycling only please. And as Nathaniel's bruised forehead and wound below the corresonding eye can attest to - this is all for the best. Read more!

Auto spell check...

The word processor that I am currently using does, as most do, auto spell checks while I type. Today I am tying up new routines, (new house - new routines) and when I reviewed what I had typed I found the following:

First Tuesday of the month:

Sweep and wash B & E's floor during bedtime routine, if not done earlier.

Stairs need to be swept and stiffened

Downstairs hallway - swept and stiffened

What I had typed was swiffered.... swept and swiffered!

I imagine that the children should find it interesting watching me trying to stiffen the stairs and the hallway. Whatever would we do without automated spell checks?! Read more!