Sunday, May 10, 2009



We thank God that Jonathan, our son, and Alicia, his girl friend, arrived safely in Tennessee this evening. We have learned that her 14 yr old brother, Michael, received the sacrament of the anointing of the sick this morning. He has been seriously ill for five days now, vomiting almost every 15 minutes as well as other digestive problems.

Today after the anointing and countless people hearing our prayer request through the Internet, Michael has begun to gain a little in strength. Through twitter we have possibly reached as many as 8000 people.

He has been removed from anti-biotics as the ecoli was not responding to this. In fact the ecoli has begun to release toxins in his blood stream which are attacking his kidneys, causing the capillaries to rupture within them. The Doctors say that his body/immune system MUST fight this on his own.

Michael is beginning to show signs of turning the corner though still far from being out of danger. Also - the longer it takes for his body to fight this - the greater the risk of permanent damage to his kidneys. His family is asking specifically for prayers for his spirits and his kidneys.

After five days of this devastating illness, he is very low in spirits. They can not really give him anything to help him sleep or for pain. They have only been able to attempt to treat the nausea and provide IV fluids.

Please share this prayer request with anyone and everyone you know. Pass it onto prayer lines and, if you twitter, please add a prayer request for Michael B. to your tweets. This battle is now in the hands of God! so we must pray and keep the number of prayers growing. We are possibly sitting on the edge of a miracle as this morning all hope seemed to be lost when Michael was anointed. Since then little glimmers of hope have been shared with us.

GOD BLESS you all and thank you for your prayers.

We will keep updating on Michael's condition!

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Please pray for 14 yr old Michael B, he is 14 in hospital. Diagnosis is possibly rare form of ecoli that does not respond to treatment. At this time his kidneys are shutting down. Please pass this on to all you know with prayer lines. This is my son's girl friend's little brother.

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