Saturday, July 29, 2006

word to the wise...

Do not think that once your children are adults that your early morning bedside calls will stop. Oh no - the only difference is that instead of asking for a sippee cup, a bottle or help going to the pottie they will want to know if you hooked up to the internet yet and on finding out that you are, will ask for the nearest Cracker Barrel on Highway 74. And of course - they will be calling on their cell instead of from their bedroom.

And now if you don't mind I think I will got back to bed - I have answered all bathroom, bottle and cell calls for the morning and now I am hoping to get a zzzz's in before the coffee finishes brewing. Read more!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Helpful Hint...

Is your mattress old, ragged, maybe even an embarrasment? Been wishing you could afford a new one? Well, I have found a very inexpensive way to renew it. When you are finished with this little trick, your mattress will feel as if it is the softest most luxurious mattress you have ever slept on. You will think you are sleeping on a down filled mattress and only as you drift off to sleep will you remember that just the day before you were whimpering and complaining about how old and uncomfortable this very same mattress was.

The trick? Spend a few nights sleeping on the floor. Worked miracles on my old mattress, or maybe it was my attitude that was adjusted. Read more!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


...the Advent wreath I could not find last Advent. I found it. Guess where? No, not in the walk in closet. Guess again. Read more!

A word to the wise...

If you do not have a walk in closet and are hankering for one. STOP. Unless you know for certain that you will never, ever be moving again! And if you do have one already - start packing it the day you decide to move. Not on the day that you have given notice. Nor the day you signed the closing papers or better yet - not the week before you need to be moved out. There will not possibly be enough time! Read more!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Are you hungry?

Two weeks ago I was sitting in the back of the church trying to listen to the readings over my daughters quiet chattering in my ear and my tummy suddenly began to grumble. Before I knew it I was so hungry that all I could think about was what I wanted to eat when I left church. While I tried to stop thinking about how hungry I was, I suddenly thought:

"Imagine if I felt this physically hungry for the word of God. Or for a relationship with God. Or for the Eucharist? What would that be like?"

And while I think we are born with this hunger, this desire for a relationship with God it is not quite as physical as an empty tummy growling and gurgling at us, sometimes causing us to almost feel faint. Like those moments when we grow almost desperate to eat something as we wait for the bread to finish baking, the smell issuing from the oven tantalizing us. Imagine if the smell of incense during the Mass had the same affect on our desire to know God.

What would it be like to have such a physical driving need to know, love and serve God?

The only answer I could think of is that it would be so over powering that we could not do anything other than that and while it is our goal to gain Heaven by knowing, loving and serving God we are not all called to such an intense suffering in this manner to get there. This is left to to the Saints. For the rest os us I guess it is more like the cravings for a chocolate bar that we all find ourselves experiencing from time to time. The trick is to recognize them and answer them with prayer time and perhaps a little time studying the bible, rather than an extra hour before the TV.

Still - I can't help but wonder - just what would it be like? It leaves me in awe thinking about it! Read more!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A prayer request and

a prayer of gratitude!

Tonight we drove the 80 some miles between the old home and the new one in a wild storm that is still whipping itself about the house and surrounding areas. At one point the driving rain was making my ability to see through the streaming windshield through the dark night impossible. So I wisely choose to take the next exit off the highway. I dropped Miguel off in front of the gas station door before parking. Then I jumped out of the van into the pelting freezing cold rain and then dashed towards the door. When I got to it, I realized I had not locked the van. I peered back at over my shoulder. A small voice teased me "What idiot would ransack a van in this rain?" to which my other little voice chided "Murphy's law, Christi, Murphy's law."

My shoulders sagged and I jumped back into the rain trying to ignore how the wet gooey sticky feeling of the insoles of my sandles was getting gooier and more wet with every puddle I plowed through. I grabbed open the door and with my finger poised over the automated lock I wondered - do I have the keys? With icy rivers trickling down my neck, as well as into my eyes, I fumbled about searching my pockets for the keys only to realize I had them the... dang things grasped in my freezing fingers. Had it really been broiling hot when we left the house 45 minutes earlier? The van locked, I then raced back to the gas station and joined my son in front of the steaming hot coffee pots. A few minutes later we were back in the van and I quickly turned the a/c off while we sat there waiting to be able to see more than five feet ahead of our van.

Eventually I was able to head back onto the highway and Miguel called his dad on the cell phone. We learned that he and Noah, both in Hugo's 24' truck were now somewhere ahead of us. Hugo suggested we exit the I-85 and take the Business 85 and it would take us straight into town. I followed his advice and of course as we were coming up close to our exit the rain began to pour once more - making it very difficult to see. As Miguel and I searched the side of the road for the exit sign we both happened to notice at the same time that I was no longer on the highway and instead was now heading straight for a wall of stone and mud and better yet - this was not pavement we were on anymore but muddy grass....

We both yelled the exact same epitath of shock and I quickly swerved the steering wheel, convinced that the van was not going to listen but go into the wall anyway. Instantly we were back on the highway without hitting anyone or flipping over. PRAISE GOD!

My legs basically went numb with shock and my hands were shakey but the two of us laughed like fools. Amazing what a rush of adrenalain does to ones state of mind.

I said to Miguel, " Now THAT was a miracle!" to which my 19 year old replied;
"Yeah, that or just really good reflexes!"

I only had a few seconds to bask in that unexpected compliment as he then proceeded to experiment to determine where and how hard he would have hit his head had I not missed the wall....

Tonight after all were in bed, I stoped in front of our Baby Jesus and clasped his tiny hand and raised my eyes to Him in Heaven and thanked Him again for His saving miracle. I thanked him Hugo got home safe with our young son Noah and than Jonathan got home safe and that I had not killed my son and I.

I suspect that part of why we had this mishap is the extreme fatigue I am experiencing. Moving a full time business while also moving a home of 11 people and painting the complete house while waiting for it to be completly re-plumbed while living in it... is well, stressful and very, very tiring. So my prayer request is for a few deep restful nights of sleep. I won't be greedy - just a few would be great! Read more!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


At last - the new house has been connected to the world and I can once again post. I have a few photos of the progress we have made over the past 10 days or so. Since about the 8th of July we have been living half in one town and half in another. As I said to my daughter who was wondering if we were moved into the new house “that (at least) ALL the bodies are all moved into the new house and we are sitting on the floor and sleeping on air mattresses.”

It is amazing what one can live without! In the new house we have a couple of mattresses, our dining room table, two pots, the coffee maker, the toaster, 2 - 3 outfits each, a mini fridge and a stove. (In fact, until yesterday we did not even have hot water and we had to boil the water to wash the dishes or take a bath and possibly soon I will have a working kitchen sink!) We have a TV and DVD player and our album of DVDs. We have books to read, colouring books and crayons for added entertainment and really not much else. The past day I have I often found myself wondering what else do we really need to bring from the other house, which in truth, is packed solid.

I would love to wax poetic and brilliant about this idea but in truth a solid week plus of painting, scrubbing, chipping and painting some more has left me somewhat less that poetic and brilliant. So since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will close by adding a few thousand words…. Assuming of course that I can find the diaper bag… where the camera is.

PS Dad or Deenie - if either of you is reading this you daughter NEEDS some serious Tetly tea! I have gone to brewing two bags at once! HELP!!!! Read more!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A thought...

Some people will be want to assist the Schmiedicke family with a donation to purchase a new caar for the family and others will not feel this is the right means for them to show their symathy and support.

I have decided that I am going to purchase one or two of Regina's books Angel in the Waters and donate it to a prolife group or home for unwed mothers in memory of Joshua. In my case, I am going to send my copies to Room At the Inn . Read more!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

May I ask for prayers again...

There is nothing that tests one's faith more than having a child ill - even if they are an adult. And in this case it is one of my adult children who needs to undergo an MRI, and an MRA and it will be several weeks before we know the results - possibly early August.

Until then we will be hoping and praying for the best results and worrying about the possible worst while we struggle daily to leave it all in God's capable hands.

"Gentle Jesus - healing physician, lay your hands on my child's body and bless this child. If anything is wrong - heal it. Breath on the soul of my child and bless her soul and help her not to worry too much. Hear our prayers and bring us closer to you as we wait for the results of these tests.

Guide the hands of her human physicians and also help them to will see her as a whole person and help them to heal her in whole.


I will keep you posted, but I do not expect to have news before early August. Thank you all for your prayers, and also thank to all of you who have congratulated on us our new home. Pictures to post soon - if I can just find my camera - which is in the diaper bag... somewhere! Read more!
A most terrible tragedy has occured to a Catholic family this weekend. Please read the link to Danielle Bean's update on the untimely death of Joshua Michael and how his family is doing.

Families are donating money to buy a new vehicle for the family, please consider donating as well.

Joshua Michael

Please pray for Regina Doman.

Please forgive my terseness but this accident has left me wordless and in agony for the family and especially the mother.


Christi aka mum2twelve Read more!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thanking All Prayer Warriors!

My good friend has asked me thank all of you prayer warriors who were praying for her to have her baby. Not only did she come, but she came pretty quickly! Weighing in at a healthy 10 lbs and 3 oz she is a very peaceful and contented baby and both mum and babe are doing very, very well! Thank you one and all very much!

Read more!

What was it I wanted to do?

We had had about three hours of sleep and we were now embarking on the huge task of painting the house, the whole house as I want it completed before we move the furniture in. It is just so much easier to paint an empty house. Still, easier though it may be – it is still a tough job. And very tiring. Especially with so little sleep. Soon I found myself wandering about the house – trying to remember why I had left the living room. ‘What was it I had wanted to do?’, I wondered aloud to myself as I made another pass through the kitchen staring hopefully at the counters, looking for a clue. A third trip through the hallway finally proved successful when my bladder reminded me why it was that I had left the living.

Later in the day it was discovered that we needed some wash buckets, a few rags, a trash bin… so I gathered the keys to the van and headed over to a nearby store. In less than thirty minutes I was pulling back in the drive, purchases completed and ready to head back to work. Hugo was there in the drive getting ready to attack the poison ivy with the bottled solution we had recently purchased. I showed him the shorts I had bought him for just 6 dollars and we chatted for a minute. I then headed into the house with a few of the purchases, attended by a long string of children who carried the rest my cleaning supplies. The screen door swung behind me and dumped everything on the counters. I thought of something I needed to ask Hugo and proceeded to seek him in the living room where he had been painted the past day and a half. He wasn’t there. Hmmm, I wondered where is he? I searched the whole house to no avail so I shrugged my shoulders and went back to the kitchen to start cleaning. At that moment Hugo walked through the back door.

“Oh there you are!” I exclaimed. I’ve been looking for you to ask you something, what were you doing outside?”

My husband stared at me for a second and said; “Ah, I was spraying the poison ivy, remember?”

No – I did not, nor could I remember what I wanted to ask him.

Clearly I do not function well on only three hours of sleep.

(Before and after pictures to follow - can't wait to share!") Read more!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sweet Summer Cold

Ah, sweet summer cold – how I love you. First you tickle my nose and then slowly you travel down to my throat. The pounding rhythm that you create in my head is indescribable. My eyes begin to glow a fashionable red, matching my nose and my normally low voice becomes even lower and horase.

You defy zinc, nasal spray and vitamin c and linger on, unwelcome and persistent.

I swear that you are able to leap through my fingers and into the keyboard and travel through the internet to my good friends much like a computer virus, as how else does one explain how friends, healthy one day and miles away, yet are enjoying your company the next.

Sweet summer cold, who will you target next? Read more!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Prayer Request...

Please pray for my good friend who is at least two weeks past her due date with four young children at home. She is more than ready to have her darling baby so anyone who has the time and is willing - please pray my friend goes into labour within the next 24 hours. She is exhausted, and as all of us mums know - very, very uncomfortable!

"Gentle Jesus, healing physcisian, place your loving hands on my friend and bring her baby into this world. Bless her caregivers to make the right decisions regarding the birth, and for my friend to have the strength and graces she needs to get though the next few days.

Mother Mary - you have known the discomforts of pregnancy and the joy of birth. You encouraged Jesus to perform his first miracle at the wedding of Canna. Please now interceed for my dear friend that your Son will perform another miracle and bring about the birth of this very loved baby and allow the loving arms of all who await her delivery to welcome her."

Thank you one and all for your generous prayers!

mum2twelve aka Christi Read more!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why has mum2twelve been so sporatic in her postings...

...of late?

We are moving 11 people, two dogs, three cats and 1 bird and possibly one fish if he is still alive (I must ask my boys who share hteir room with him) and a full time business and the past month has been spent searching for our new home. It has been found and needs to painted from top to bottom and what better time to paint it than when it is empty?

Details and pictures will follow, but they are not on the computer that I am using right now. I will regale you with lots of before and after pictures though as we progress.

Catch you all later! Read more!


Gabriela currently wading through Emma by Austen walked into the kitchen, and with a huge sigh announced to the room in general.

"I've lost Emma again!"

To which our Emma gave a horrified gasp and said "You lost meeee?" Read more!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Never assume that all snakes...

...are on the ground. Oh yes - we watch exciting exploration shows and see Condas and Pythons hanging from branches in the deep jungles of Africa. We watch with bated breath as our favourite crazy host, the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin delicately extricates one of the most venomous snakes to be found in Australia out of a tree - by crikey. And we assume that it is only in these far off places where snakes chose to live above ground. But I am here to tell you and SHOW you that this is not the case - that here too in the US, snakes can and do climb trees. Very big trees. Trees in your yard, that you walk underneath every day - not suspecting that in those leafy green branches there just might be a 5 - 6 foot black rat snake lurking.

Read more!
This little fellow has been hanging about the past month or two. First he was hidden in the stones near one of the outbuildings. Next we had him sitting by our back door for a day. Then yesterday while Anna was walking Zack she almost stepped on him as he was sunning himself in the grass beneath the above pictured tree that you see him in.

She called one of the boys to come and get Hugo and I. Excited to finally see him out in the open we grabbed the camera but before we could photograph him sun bathing he grew tired of all the excitment and started to slither away. Fascinated we watched him but we almost fell over as he started up the tree. However - we did have the precense of mind to take a few pics of him as he did this. He is well above my 5' 3" frame in this picture.

So from now on - I will be checking for our handsome neighbour not just under my feet, but also above my head. Read more!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

World Soccer cup

Comment over heard from the female teen age gallery during the game between Germany and Argentina.

"Hmmm, the Germans are MUCH more handsome than the Argentinians - BUT, I still want Argentina to win!" Read more!