Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Recently Emma (3) learned how to LOCK bedroom doors and was so enthralled with the process that those wanting entrance to any doors with locking knobs had to be armed with a long thin screw driver.

On the last day of her enthrallment with her new found skill, Emma was seen with an old set of keys she had found in the yard and was attempting to unlock doors that she had locked! Needless to say - little to no success was achieved. But the rest of us certainly became much more skilled at picking locks so cat burglers need not apply!

Shortly when I have a little more time - I will write of our trip to Belmont and the reactions of the little ones when we left their oldest brother behind. Right now we are attempting to adjust to having one less man on hand for the business. Never mind relearning where to set the dinner plates.

GOD Bless and a many congrates to IAN and his wife! They have a wee one due in July. Ian - I have added your family to our little red book of intentions, since we pray for all we know who are expecting when we pray our daily Rosary. Ian has some hilarious comics regarding "mice" of the sort that we bloggers use daily! Read more!