Thursday, March 13, 2008

the saga continues....

Our financial adviser in Canada emailed us a tracking number. And OH - you will not believe what has happened. Mutual - the company that held the funds in Canada sent the cheque via OVERNIGHT courier and thank GOD requested a signature. According to the tracking number something was wrong with the address and TODAY - it was signed for by an employee of Mutual back in CANADA....

So praise GOD - we know where the cheque is - it just isn't in our hot little hands yet.

Now I could whine and moan about the incompetency of Mutual who told us it went by UPS and, as such, did not have a tracking number.... BUT I KNOW whose fault it is and when my friend reads this - she will know who she is - because she predicted that the Good Lord would hold this money UNTIL EASTER!!!

And I refused to believe her. HA! I was so wrong wasn't I my dear friend, and you (dang it) were right!!!

But the Good Lord has kept us with just enough Manna and continues to be faithful in that regard. So we begin the process all over again while the good Lord enjoys His little chuckle along with His lesson in practicing the virtue of PATIENCE and of FAITH.

THANK YOU everyone for your continued support and prayers. Read more!