Sunday, February 12, 2006


I have some awesome stupendous news to announce! (No - I am not going to have to change my blog name to mum2thirteen, although that would be cool awesome stupendous news too!)

A friend has stepped forward... and offered to help my husband and I build a website for our business, and this weekend we got together to discuss the needs for it. Thank you every one who has offered suggestions, help and prayers for us. I think I really owe a big thank you to St. Isidore and to Kathy who took the time to find him!

I will let you all know when our business site is up and running and, of course, if I am ever able to get my own site up for my works of fiction... I will post that link too!

Thank you EVERYONE!!!

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I posted earlier about a new search site called As I mentioned I checked them out, squeezed their link onto my tool bar, but what I did not mention is that I registered with them. In return I received a free e-Book written by Sister Angelica of EWTN, and I get emailed updates on their progress.

Here is the most recent progress report:
Hi start the weekend off right:
We just passed $9,000 in donations!! God Bless You All.
The following donations were made this week:
- In name of Katie, Missy, DJ and Janie Patton (to EWTN)
- In honor of Bishop David A. Zubik and in memory of Susan Zubik (to Population Research Institute)
- In honor of Pope John Paul the Great (to Human Life Alliance)
- In memory of Elizabeth J. Harvey (to Project Rachel)
Thanks again for making these donations possible.
Yours in Christ,
Jack and Joe

Please be sure to spread the word and get as many people as possible using this search site. I don't call it a search negine as it is hosted by google but pehaps I would be more correct to call it an engine. At any rate - lets all help make this a success!

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