Monday, May 11, 2009

We now have a name for what ails Michael

It is hemolytic uremic syndrome and is a rare condition caused by the bacteria E. coli.

Here are some links about it. What is HUS, Hamburger Disease , eMedicine .

Pretty frightening. The mother of this young boy can not for the life of her figure out how he picked up the E. coli. He has not been swimming in lakes, a common source for E. coli bacteria nor has he been eating in any restaurants the past two weeks. No one else in the family has been sick. It will likely remain one of the mysteries that we never resolve.

However - with all that is in the news about Swine flu it seems to me that we are at greater risk of contacting E coli food poisoning then Swine flu and 1 of every 10 children will go on to develop HUS - which is life threatening.

What is abnormal about Michael's case is his age - he does not fit the typical age profile; a very young child or an elderly patient. None the less - he has it and they are looking at possible kidney dialysis and blood transfusions. Antibiotics were worsening the condition so this battle is in the hands of God. Please let us keep praying and passing the prayer request on.

THANK YOU again for your prayers. They are very gratefully received by the family who has asked us to thank you for your prayers.


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...for an update on Michael. In the meantime here is an important link you can check out while we wait to hear. There are many worthwhile Catholic causes, website etc to support, but I can personally vouch for Envoy. My husband and I attended the Institutes's conference here in NC last year and we both enjoy reading the magazine. Each are uplifting sources for growing in your faith as well providing you with opportunities to increase knowledge of your faith.

I doubt there are many Catholics who have not heard of Patrick Madrid - he is a regular guest on EWTN and is one of two co-founders who started the magazine Envoy in 1996. Currently he is the director of the Envoy Institute of Belmont Abbey College and publisher of Envoy Magazine and he is making the call for our support in what he is calling a war!

This summer Belmont Abbey will host Envoy's second annual conference. Click here for the dates. Make sure you mark this link so you can check back for details, such as scheduled speakers. I've heard rumors that Peter Kreeft will be there again. If you are not familiar with him check his website out here. I have already marked my calender and I recommend you seriously consider doing the same. My husband and I enjoyed last years conference thoroughly and I know we will again this year. Come join us in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains which are a piece of the Appalachians & enjoy an enlightening weekend building your faith, hearing great speakers, and meeting fellow Catholics who are also seeking to grow in their faith.

And if my words are not temping enough for you - then let this photo of the grounds, where the conference will be, lure you in!

Is it not just breath taking? I hope you will consider joining us this summer!

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a phone book....

As I was inputing a new contact in my phone book, Elsa exclaimed "YOU have a PHONE BOOK?"

'Umm, yeah." I responded absently - as I focused on those little keys on my phone.

"Yeah" giggled Nathaniel... "IN her PHONE!"

Peals of giggles filled the room as the two of them relished the humour in that.

A phone book within a phone. But you know I can only begin to imagine the amazement of my great grandparents of such a thing. A tiny little hand held device that can not only make calls, but also contain a PHONE BOOK.

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