Monday, May 11, 2009

We now have a name for what ails Michael

It is hemolytic uremic syndrome and is a rare condition caused by the bacteria E. coli.

Here are some links about it. What is HUS, Hamburger Disease , eMedicine .

Pretty frightening. The mother of this young boy can not for the life of her figure out how he picked up the E. coli. He has not been swimming in lakes, a common source for E. coli bacteria nor has he been eating in any restaurants the past two weeks. No one else in the family has been sick. It will likely remain one of the mysteries that we never resolve.

However - with all that is in the news about Swine flu it seems to me that we are at greater risk of contacting E coli food poisoning then Swine flu and 1 of every 10 children will go on to develop HUS - which is life threatening.

What is abnormal about Michael's case is his age - he does not fit the typical age profile; a very young child or an elderly patient. None the less - he has it and they are looking at possible kidney dialysis and blood transfusions. Antibiotics were worsening the condition so this battle is in the hands of God. Please let us keep praying and passing the prayer request on.

THANK YOU again for your prayers. They are very gratefully received by the family who has asked us to thank you for your prayers.




Casey said...

I will keep praying that there is a miracle. Dialysis isn't too terrible, and in a situation like this may not be long term. If it's done until his system heals then the kidney damage might be reversible because of his age and there are some great meds for kidneys out there now. I took diovan for a while and will probably be put on it again, it seemed to help a lot after my kidneys were kinda pooped from having the two little so close and diabetis.

I will keep praying. Hope he gets better and please keep us updated.

antonia said...

oh my word that is a really serious condition.

I will continue to pray for him.


Elizabeth said...

How is Michael doing now, by the way ?
Still praying :-)