Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve Prep

  • Gifts Wrapped and locked in St Nick's work shop... check
  • Clothes laid out and ready for Mass... Check
  • Last minute mad dash to get ready for Mass... Check
  • Hot chocolate and cookies before bed - forgotten in their haste to get to sleep so St Nick could get busy.
  • Gifts now under the tree... check
  • Stockings filled by St Nick... Check
  • Snacks prepared to be left in bedrooms to help keep kidos busy and happy until 9 am, expected arrival of older siblings... check
  • Coffee machine set up and cider warming in crock pot... check
  • Ready for hot drinks for fifteen in the morning...

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Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!!!

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Note to self...

...next year do NOT buy cap guns for Saint Nickolas to leave in the stockings. And when I leave instructions for where and when to put out the stockings remember to tell St Nick that Hugo does not want the stockings put out before 7 am in hopes of avoiding the 3 am wakeup call we had this year.
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NO more till Dawn!!!

The Western style shoot out that was played out in the upstairs hallway around 4 am prompted my announcement that no more cap guns were to be heard until dawn. By midmorning at least one of the felons involved appeared to be regretting it. Read more!

More Christmas Pictures to come...

... I promise!
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