Thursday, October 06, 2005


Tomorrow I will post a picture of the completed Rosary. It was begun on July 4th. It took us much longer than 59 days to cover each bead, but we did it! There were many nights we actually prayed the Rosary, but forgot to cover the corresponding bead, and in the beginning there were a number of nights we were so tired by the end of the day that we skipped our Rosary.

But we plugged on, and here we are - ready to plan our trip to the zoo. A little hitch though. A few children had indicated that they are missing their second oldest sister at Belmont college and have hinted that they would rather spend the gas money to go see her, than go to the zoo. I am sure that if I polled them all, the answer would be unanimous - visit Jenny.

So - I got on the phone, and asked her if she would like... to go to the Zoo? She would! So in two weeks, God willing, we will all meet at the Zoo and visit the monkey, zebras and lions together. What fun it will be. Already Hugo is teasing the kids that they need to wear name tags informing the keepers of the following:

"Please do not shoot me with a tranquilizer. I might look like a monkey BUT I am NOT!"

They are also wishing they could see their sister in Boston. Hmmm, maybe another goal for a Rosary Poster? Read more!