Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Want to see what we have been up to?

Last weekend our church had a huge fund raiser. There were goodies to sell and eat and games for the kids to play. Then there was the cake walk - an interesting sort of lottery. You would buy a ticket for 50 cents to walk (to music) around on a circle of numbers until the music stopped. At this point someone would pull a number - if you were standing on the number, you got to choose a cake from the rows and rows of cakes.

For the south it was an extraordinarily cold day, I think it only reached maybe 40 and the breeze was blowing quite heavily so I spent most of my time inside. However they had a table outside which featured some goodies that the children along with their best buddies had baked and decorated under the direction of Peggy and I. For a glimpse at some of our favourite concoctions click here. And no - the 12 dozen that she wrote that we baked and decorated is NOT a type o and I don't what sleep she is talking about 'cause I know when we were finished baking and cleaning I crawled into bed and collapsed and did not get up again until the next morning! Cecilia is teething - need I say more about lack of sleep???

(PS - be sure to click on Peggy's picture so that it opens and you can see the cupcakes more closely as the details are a real 'treat' to look at!)
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