Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blessed Mother Theresa....

"And you, you cannot go where we go. You cannot do what we do. But together, we are doing something beautiful for God. And my gratitude to you, President, and your family and to your people. It's my prayer for you that you may grow in holiness to this tender love for the poorest of the poor. But this love begins at home, in your own family, and it begins by praying together. Prayer gives a clean heart, and a clean heart can see God. And if you see God in each other, you will have love, peace, joy together. And works of love are works of peace. And love begins at home."

This quote is from Mother Theresa's humble words of acceptance when she was awarded the Medal Of Freedom by President Regan in 1985, 22 years ago.

To read the wonderful speech President Regan gave to honour this humble and beautiful Mother as well as the rest of her humble response... click here.

To view the website for her cause of canonization... click here.

To join our family in praying the official novena of Blessed Mother Theresa... click HERE. Together we can pray together as a family, the family of God, and together we can continue to grow in Holiness. Whatever day you come across this posting whether it be the first or the ninth day of the novena or even a week after, pray Mother's novena, it is very beautiful and no doubt is very powerful.

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