Monday, December 21, 2009

Can anyone identify with this...

Sunday morning the van was locked... and the van seats were sitting on the porch where they had been placed to make room for the Christmas tree that we had picked up the night before. The clock was ticking, ticking, ticking. And we needed to get to the new church in time for the boys to serve... Now that the Church was officially moved - there is no more walking to Mass.

Desperately we were hunting through pockets for the missing keys. BOTH SETS... Hearing the frustration in our voices and noting we were looking for something that had disappeared from a pocket; Elsa piped up "That happens to me too... whenever I put money in my pocket - it just disappears!"

Can anyone identify with that? I know I can!

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Jesse Tree - Fourth Monday in Advent

Monday: Reading is Luke 1:26-38
We learn of Mary and Joseph's betrothal.
The symbol is a Lilly.

The link to the symbols for the fourth week is here.

(credit for photo )
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