Sunday, August 31, 2008

I SO totally agree!

A House Hunting Funny
(Click to read and see if you agree too!)

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Will Gustave...

disrupt the GOP Convention this coming week - is a question upper most in a lot of people's mind. For our family the pressing question is whether it's remnants or that of the other storm forming off of the coast cause us to be flooded again?

After all we have been sans hot water since the 27th of August and are looking at being without it for possibly another full week. With not one, but two hurricanes, threatening us, even if only with torrential rains - the burning question is whether to pay a private contractor to inspect the furnace and hot water tank before turning on the gas - when we are possibly looking at being flooded again sometime in the coming week?

While it is not a big deal to heat hot water to wash the pots and pans or zap a dishcloth to wash the table - generating enough hot water to bath eleven people is another story. Just a little something to offer up and help one appreciate the difficult life of the pioneers!

So prayers will be gratefully accepted over the next few days!

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Welcome baby girl to the family!!!

We are proud to welcome this darling little baby to our family. This is John and Jenny's first darling daughter born via emergency c-section just this month. She weighs 8 lbs 9 oz and is 21 inches long. From her side profile she looks just like her daddy - from the front - she is all our side of the genetic pool! So now I have a household of proud aunts and uncles - all champing at the bit to hold their new niece - even three year old Elsa is impatient to see and hold her. She keeps talking about buying her a present and I have just the right one in mind.

(PLEASE NOTE: Names and birth date withheld for family privacy so friends who are privy to this information & wish to leave a comment please be careful NOT to use baby's name or birth date or regretfully I will not be able to post the comment. Thank you!)

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Republican's VP Candidate

No, the new Republican candidate for McCain's running mate is not the man on the left - but rather is the beautiful woman on the right - Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, mother of five. To read about the recent birth of the Palin's fifth child and their reaction to the news that he was a downs syndrome baby - click here.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Mast General Store

After what felt like hours of indecision these two finally settled on an awesome pair of magnetic balls that they have literally had hours of fun. I will try to get some pictures of the "hair" they have grown on these magnetic balls. They looked something like this.

Hmmm. Maybe I should have coughed up the extra 4 bucks, I could use a pair or two of those some days. But then I probably would have spent more time confiscating them - than using them myself!

Helping younger siblings to decide what to spend their 2.50 on - when most things, as we sadly discovered, were about 6 dollars! Still bargains were found and little delights were purchased and enjoyed.

We finished off our visit at the Candy store where we purchased among other things, whistle pops, which we have typically only found up in the mountains at this cool old fashioned store that has been operating since 1883.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fay wreaks havoc...

... even in our life. Today the gas will be turned off for safety as our gas appliances - the furnace and hot water tank are both sitting in about 6 - 8 inches of water. So no hot water for us for a while. A huge 12 foot limb is sitting in the back yard. And the tree it mysteriously fell off of, has large limbs sprawling over the roof of the house. As we can not ascertain why the limb fell - we are not sure if this tree is safe any more. There were no high winds when the limb broke so it seems as if the limb just became water logged... and it is raining even more this morning.... (Imagine pale face and huge eyes as you read this!!!)

And as all bad must come in threes - the a/c is not working on the second floor.

Today I mailed my rent cheque to the land lady - she will get it tomorrow with the 'list of threes'. Ok - I admit it - I am a COWARD. I do not want to tell her all the bad news in person. But keep us in your prayers as we deal with these little mishaps and difficulties while this poor woman sorts it all out.

But at least our road does not look like the roads in Salisbury * where we attend Mass and often shop as well as avail ourselves of the library. This is the Innis Road exit * which we usually use to go to Mass. Please keep the residents of this area in your prayers as the list of families that are being evacuated is growing and as I mentioned earlier - it is still raining.

(* Over time these links may cease to work.)

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Come on - Seriously now...

...did I really deserve a hit below the belt - just because I had to double check to make sure I had called someone by the right name. I mean, did I really deserve to be asked by Emma ... if I had lost my brain again? Followed by her impish giggle.

And no - I absolutely deny that I have ever lost my brain... ever. It just goes on vacation sometimes, without leaving a forwarding address. And that is completely different from losing or misplacing it. Right?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


AKA mom of three with Cockers. You are one hard lady to contact!No comments on the blog and when I tried to email you an invite to the new blog - my email bounced back. :-) I am not sure what to do. I could try emailing you from yahoo and see if that works. Please let me know if my invite from the blog itself actually worked as I have added you as one of the 100 guests that I can add.

To all of my readers: In the spring the new blog will be opened to the general public but for now it will remain as open to invitation only. Please feel free to request an invite. I will need your email address in order to add readers to the guest list. Feel free to email me at mum2twelve (at) Please note if you do not hear immediately it could be because gmail is having problems processing the emails. Gmail lately has been having problems both delivering and receiving email. Leave a comment here if there is a problem and we will work it from another angle.


Beach Time

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Only one night left to enjoy...

... and then tomorrow we take the long drive to airport. It will be hard to say good bye to one sister - just as the other is being induced for her first baby.

After two lovely weeks of enjoying Aimee's company and having wonderful family time - the end is drawing near. Still - we know she is returning in February and with so much happening between the two visits - a new baby for John and Jenny, a new school year starting next week, Advent and Christmas around the corner, February will be here before we know it.

At least this is what I will be reminding myself of tomorrow. In between the choked up feelings clogging the throat.

Excuse me now - I need to go find some Kleenex.

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From Hot Air

This was originally posted on HOT AIR and as it addresses the Catholic Teachings on the issue of abortion as well as lists Catholic Politicians that are supporting the Catholic teachings, I thought I would post it here especially as many sources have already dropped this letter from their rosters.

On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi told several lies about the Catholic Church’s teaching and historical perspective on abortion and the fundamental sanctity of human life throughout its development. Ten House Republicans have responded respectfully but forcefully to refute Pelosi’s deliberate deceptions

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

On the Sunday, August 24th, broadcast of NBC’s Meet the Press, you stated “as an ardent, practicing Catholic, [abortion] is an issue that I have studied for a long time.” As fellow Catholics and legislators, we wish you would have made a more honest effort to lay out the authentic position of the Church on this core moral issue before attempting to address it with authority.

Your subsequent remarks mangle Catholic Church doctrine regarding the inherent sanctity and dignity of human life; therefore, we are compelled to refute your error.

In the interview, Tom Brokaw reminded you that the Church professes the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. As stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “Since it must be treated from conception as a person, the embryo must be defended in its integrity, cared for, and healed, as far as possible, like any other human being” (2274).

To this, you responded, “I understand. And this is like maybe 50 years or something like that. So again, over the history of the Church, this is an issue of controversy.” Unfortunately, your statement demonstrates a lack of understanding of Catholic teaching and belief regarding abortion.

From the Apostles of the first century to Pope John Paul the Great “the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law” (Catechism 2271).

Thus, your erroneous claim about the history of the Church’s opposition to abortion is false and denigrates our common Faith. For example, during the reign of Pope Innocent XI in 1679, the Church unequivocally stated it is an error for Catholics to believe fetuses do not have a soul; and confirmed the teaching that abortion constitutes homicide.

To reduce the scandal and consternation caused amongst the faithful by your remarks, we necessarily write you to correct the public record and affirm the Church’s actual and historical teaching that defends the sanctity of human life. We hope that you will rectify your errant claims and apologize for misrepresenting the Church’s doctrine and misleading fellow Catholics.


Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (MI)
Hon. Steve Chabot (OH)
Hon. Virginia Foxx (NC)
Hon. Phil Gingrey (GA)
Hon. Peter King (NY)
Hon. Steve King (IA)
Hon. Daniel Lungren (CA)
Hon. Devin Nunes (CA)
Hon. John Sullivan (OK)
Hon. Patrick Tiberi (OH)

This list may grow; one source says that John Boehner, the House Minority Leader, has already added his signature. As more join this list, I’ll (HOT AIR) update this post with the additions.


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A little light...

This was posted by Melanie on a home school group board that I belong to. What wonderful news.

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt deserves thanks for issuing yesterday a proposed rule that would implement current law by defending the conscience rights of health care workers. Given the increased attack on the conscience rights of physicians and other health care workers by such groups as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), Planned Parenthood, and the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, Secretary Leavitt is correct to issue these regulations that bolster federal protection of conscience rights. As Sec. Leavitt blogged yesterday, "Putting doctors (or any one who assists them) in a position where they are forced to violate their consciences in order to meet a standard of competence violates more than federal law. It violates decency and the core value of personal liberty." This is about liberty and choice, not a debate over contraceptives, family planning or even the legality of abortion. It is a question of whether health care providers must be forced to participate in what violates their moral, religious or ethical convictions, or whether they have a legally protected choice not to engage in such practices. Current law and Secretary Leavitt's proposed rule answer the question by defending a provider's choice. Please contact Secretary Leavitt thanking him for defending the choice of health care professionals NOT to violate their conscience, and let us hope that more medical personnel will be emboldened to do what they know is right.

Additional Resources
Thank Secretary Leavitt by commenting on his blog

If you go Secretary's Leavitt's blog - scroll down a bit to find his posts on this topic.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Monday in The Park - photos from the beach to follow later...

Cooling her feet

Solitary moment

Hanging out

Exploring the stream

What has their interest?

These gorgeous specimens!

Very tame butterflies

Big Sister, Aimee, joins the observation team.

Up close and beautiful.

Enjoying a cool mountain stream

Partaking lunch in the shade

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Mother Dog keeps Abandoned New Born Alive

Unbelievable but apparently true. CLICK HERE to read the story from Argentina.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You were talking to who???

Hugo collected up the three rental DVDs and headed out the door with out oldest daughter. Emma glared as she watched them leave and finally unable to contain herself, stood up from where she was squatting on the living room floor, sorting out a puzzle.

The glare deepened and she raised her voice and stared straight at me:
"YOU promised me I could watch AUGUST RUSH!"

I was startled for two reasons.
One - I had not seem the movie and definitely had not promised her she could watch it.
Two - I was shocked by her tone and manner.

"Emma Louise" I commanded in my "you are in big trouble, young lady" voice.

That she had caught my tone was very evident in her face as she reluctantly walked to the dining room table where I was seated.

"Who were you just talking to?" I demanded.

"Uh..." she paused. "God?" she hesitantly answered.

"God?" I queried. "You talked to GOD like that?"

"No! No, I am.... just thinking....." she answered in a worried and confused voice and she wrapped one arm around my neck and stared at me, her eyes quite troubled.

"Well - who were you talking to?"

There was a long pause and then haltingly with a question in her voice:

"You... maybe??"

At this point I could not handle it anymore and burst into laughter and had to hide my face. To Emma's credit she did not join my laughter, but waited solemnly for me to recover. Once I did, we sorted out just who she had really been directing her anger at, which was an older sibling, and what was a more appropriate way of dealing with it.

Sometimes, though, it is so hard to keep a straight face while disciplining and teaching a little one; is it not?

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

You know you are soing something right...

... when as you depart for Ohio with three children snug and safe in their car seats and the three year old pipes up, just out of the blue, and says;

"Thank you Mummy and Daddy for buying me my new car seat."

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

a few pics... as promised!

Sharing the i-pod with her big sister as we drive home from Charlotte.

A little raccoon visited me a few days ago. She is quite mysterious and comes and goes, rearly speaking and usually just nodding to my questions.

One of the last pics of her luscious curls before she decided she did not want bangs in her yes or curls on the side... and removed them. The curls are s l o w l y growing back.

Chillin' as we drive to Mass.

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Friday, August 15, 2008


Okay - she is not exactly here. She is in the airport here in NC - but at least she is not still at JFK in NYC. We will head to Charlotte to pick her up from her sister's later this afternoon - she needs some sleep before we pounce on her - with eight kids and all.

I have decided that for the next two weeks, baring funny comments from the peanut gallery - I will focus on posting pictures. Already have some adorable ones waiting their turn. Also have a few nature ones - which given we live in a small town - it is pretty amazing the nature my kids can turn up!

So - see you in the pictures....

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Please pray...

...for our daughter who is sitting in an airport in NYC and has been there since about 2 pm yesterday. A lovely storm passed through - causing chaos and turmoil, delayed flights and finally oodles of canceled flights.

Aimee flew in from Ireland and has been up since 2 am Eastern Standard time - THURSDAY or over 28 hours. Now they tell her that she is on stand by until SATURDAY MORNING. Please pray she makes the next flight which is at 7 am.

Thank you for the prayers - I am praying the phone does NOT ring as it will mean she made it onto the 7 am flight.

Blessings to you all

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Thursday, August 14, 2008


When you decide to purchase a container of hot chocolate as a surprise for your 11 year olds birthday coming up in October, remember to take it out of the bag of clothes you hid it in before deciding at the last moment to chuck these clothes into your brand new front loader washer to soak for 2 hours... You know, just in case you picked up any stains while traveling to Ohio. You might really want to reconsider doing this given almost all of this clothing was new to you from the consignment sale you attended last Saturday and were so thrilled to get such nice clothes for so little. It is not so much how much you paid for these clothes that you soaked in hot chocolate this morning, as to how much it would cost to replace all of it... new. THAT is what hurts, as well the fact that you totally destroyed an unopened expensive birthday gift to boot!

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I checked the weather forecast to see how low our low might be tonight - in hopes that the upstairs will cool off nicely - as it did last night. And... there was a weather advisory. I clicked it to see if we were expecting a simple thunder storm or something bigger.

Oh yes - it is something bigger. Uh huh! We have a WINTER ADVISORY in effect. My eyes bulged - I swear I felt them bulge, and I decided to check the low - it is a measly 16 c or about 60 F.

Cough Cough - is this someone's idea of a joke, or does google weather really think we are that wimpy here in NC that 60 F in August requires a WINTER ADVISORY???

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A thought to ponder...

This thought is from Sister Patricia - I can not claim this insight for me own, although I often toy with this thought process. How many of us - walk around feeling out of control and just a tad grump - never realizing that in truth we are feeling like victims... Here is an excellent insight as to what might be going on within your soul.

Sister Patricia from Joy Notes:

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Whats up doc....


Other than our a/c breaking on the second floor with the temps being in the low 30's c (or high 80's low 90's) there is not much news to report.

I have been glued to my monitor for days now and not writing either... as you can tell by the lack of posts. I have been studying curriculum and different kinds of grammar programs and reading programs and math programs and more curriculum. Then I debated whether to combine grades and buy three copies of some texts...

FINALLY - while out driving with Hugo, just driving quietly around town with the windows open enjoying the (hot) breeze, and not really thinking about all of my choices that my brain was drowning, that my brain was, that my brain was drowning in... the answer came to me. Which curriculum and whether to mix grades or not.

So when I return from Ohio in a few days, I will begin ordering books and lesson plans. I am at peace and anxious to get the plans in place. Then a few changes will be in order to the computer in the dining room, and or the desk it is on, so that I can write in the same room where the children are schooling and I think I will be closer than ever to being able to combine my writing with my busy life - guilt free.

And hopefully my lovely readers will get to taste the benefits from all of this stretching of brain cells from the past couple of days.

See you on Wednesday!

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fashion Diva

My three year old entered the bedroom with a plea.

"May I wear my new pretty skirt pleeeease Mummy?"

As she is already sporting a small chocolate stain on it- only 6 hours after purchasing it from a local consignment sale, I agreed.

She pulled it off the top of her little crate of shelves that currently serve as her dresser.
and slipped it on. Then she began to explore her dresser for a top - I have no idea where the top that came with it yesterday is. And I fear to look for it - given it was pure cream colour before she hit the homemade chocolate reeses pieces made yesterday.

After pulling out several drawers and pushing them back in - she lighted on the one with tops and shorts, with the shorts prevailing. She finally decided on a navy blue shirt, struggled into it and announced to me.

"This is too boring!"

"Boring?" I asked.

"Yes, B O R I N G. " And she whipped it off, tossing it back into the drawer. She then pounced on a single pink glove and pulled it on her left hand. Satisfied with her attire, she left the room in her red checkered skirt, pink glove and shirtless.

OK.... I am completely ready for the teen years just waiting around the corner. Yup! Totally!

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Friday, August 08, 2008

I wisss

My husband had rented an interesting movie and I decided I wanted to be able lie on the bed while watching.... so off to the bathroom I headed with my 24/7 sidekick shadowing me to put my contacts in.

She stood quietly beside the sink watching me as I fished first one contact out and then the other. As I was fidgeting with the second one and wishing I did not need contacts her little voice piped up:
"What are you doing?" she asked.
"I'm putting my contacts in." I replied.
"Oh." Heavy Sigh followed this and then...
"I just wisss I had contact lenses."

That brought a chuckle from me as I put the lenses case away and she grasped my hand with her little pudgy one and walked back to the bedroom with me.

Later as I pondered over that and how a little three year old has no idea what contact lenses really are, nor understand the inconvenience of needing corrective lenses, I was struck by the thought that it is not so much the lenses she wanted, so much as the age old desire of wanting to be "just like Mummy" or in the case of boy - more often to be 'just like Daddy'.

What an incredible responsibility that is and one that I too often take for granted. And this window is a rather small one because before long there is much else competing for this desire to be "just like" something, so I had best make the best of this time and make sure I am something worth modeling.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Good Evening...

I am posting late in the day as opposed to early as this morning I decided to forgo the computer or at least try to not touch one until downstairs. (Trust me! You do NOT want to know how many computers in this house there are. I'm not even sure I could tell you without stopping to count on my fingers.) My goal was to have a better school day and a more organized household at the end of the day.

Ummm - I managed to get downstairs and bypass the computer in my bedroom. Then I immediately pounced on my husband's laptop and then asked for headphones so as to drown out the piano practicing taking place. With five taking lessons - there is almost always someone on the piano, even at seven am.

We had a slightly better school day, definitely more piano practice, but we still have two bedrooms that qualify for the twilight zone as to what all is on the floor. It was the little girls' laundry day and most of it has actually been washed and put away & we did manage to eat by 5 so our 21 year old could join us before leaving for night classes at the local college. Still it could have been a better day! Tomorrow is a new start - right. Heck, tonight is a new start!

Anyhoo - here I am posting at this late hour of 6:37 pm but I have a child waiting my assistance in their "twilight zone".

My main purpose for posting today is to say that I have some plans swimming around in my head. I have been hoping to snaggle my husband into helping me to set up an actual website that would give me more freedom as to design, photo placement and pull the themes of my two blogs together. If you are a relatively new reader than you may not know I have another blog, rarely seen or updated that is focused on reviews of book and movies. However (loud heavy manipulative sigh) I have not been able to get him away from his work and studies long enough than to do more but nod sagely at my wonderful and creative ideas!

I want to get that one geared up and in action again, but to be honest my lack of organization leaves me paralyzed with guilt and thus inaction. And I have yet a third blog that will be opened soon but will a 'read by invite only' blog for reasons to be explained later. As soon as I have it in better shape, I will let you know and those who would like to have a peek at it can request an invite through the comments section.

So you can see why I need to forgo the computer in the morning and do my writing in the evening when I can do it guilt free and actually accomplish something more than I am now. Which to be honest is a fraction of what I could be doing.

Now, with great trepidation, I am off to one of the two twilight zones remaining upstairs. Say a prayer that I find my way back!

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A great thought...

Here is a post that shares a wonderful thought about love. I especially liked this line "...that many a morning, I did not feel loving. It is not necessary to feel in order to do, but the doing is so very necessary for the feelings. " To read the whole article you can Click Here.

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May I suggest...

...that you never, ever, EVER, no matter how irresistibly cute those brown eyes are,
or how adorable the chubby cheeks framed with the lovely soft red curls are,
allow them to entice you to acquiesce to the request of the owner, of these wonderful characteristics, to finish of the last of your cup of Tetley tea. Better to sacrifice the sinfully delicious eclair you were sneaking in before bedtime than to share the last of your tea.

Otherwise you might find yourself with a twitchy three year old who cannot, absolutely, positively cannot fall asleep. So she lies there telling you stories about bricks (???), reminisces about the hotel we visited last month and even cries a little about how she misses the pool. Finally in complete desperation and with the hope of being able to snooze, maybe just a little, you will seek a kid friendly cartoon on the instance watch feature of Netflix. Then you will lightly snooze to the back ground music of The Pebble and the Penguin until 4 am when said three year old will inform you it is over and in the time it takes you to cross the room in hopes of finding a little more sleep a la Netflix, she rolls over and is asleep.

Grateful, you will crawl back into the bed while also cursing yourself for having ever been so stupid as to have shared the last of your tea with a cute curly red headed three year old. However, you do not share that tidbit of information with your husband who also shared the agonies of this sleepless three year old. You will blissfully allow him to continue to simply wonder as to why she suddenly was unable to sleep until 4 am in the morning.

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Monday, August 04, 2008

When I was five

... I met the dentist for the first time. Now let me explain where we lived when I was five. My parents and I moved from Ottawa, Ontario to Gagnon, Quebec in 1964. I was three at the time and nine when we left in 1970. The entire time we lived there - there were no roads leading into this small mining town, only a train line or you flew. I remember a few summers where we put our car on the train and flew to either Port Cartier or Sept Isle where we would meet our car and then drive the rest of the way to the Maritimes to visit my maternal and paternal grand parents. Other times we traveled the 193 mile long train line to one of these small cities and then flew to New Brunswick, probably landing in Saint John. On the rare occasion that we did not go "home" for the summer I remember a hot summer day meant the red had hit almost 70 F.

It was a cold, isolated small mining town and I love most of my memories of the six years we lived there. But there is one memory that is very well etched in my memories and was especially poignant today. Because today - I met up with another dentist and the only thing in common with the two occasions is that in both cases I had an abscessed tooth.

On that auspicious day so many years ago when I was five and the world still revolved, not around the sun, but rather around my parents; my mother was given the lovely privilege of introducing me to a member of the medical community I had not yet had reason to meet. Doctors and nurses I had already met in abundance as I was not the healthiest of creatures. I had the nasty habit of picking up any germ that flew in my direction but I had yet to be acquainted with the lowliest of the childhood enemies - a cavity.
But once I did, true to my then unhealthy nature, I did not just get a cavity, but I managed to develop an abscess in the tooth. So we pulled on the snow suit, the winter boots and got into the car and back down the snow packed driveway with the 4 foot high snow walls. And we did not stop until we had reached the "Mall", a two story imitation of our current day strip mall. This was THE place where anything and everything one needed could be purchased. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say this was the ONLY place where items of need could be purchased and if something was not there - there was always the post and a pleading letter to be written to family members still living in the real world.

We got out of the car and I happily traipsed behind my mother and was dismayed when we bypassed the stores and headed up the stairs. How my mother explained this to me, I don't remember. But I do recall, vividly, finding myself seated in a chair that magically laid back and was covered in shiny gray material. A little bib was pinned around my neck and a gentleman, all dressed in white, loomed over me and gravely examined my mouth. Following this my mother and he huddled in a corner conversing in low voices with my mother frequently giving me quick and somewhat anguished glances. I do remember this man in white assuring my mother that this was the only option.

Apparently, as the tooth that had become abscessed was located in the lower jaw, it would not respond to any form of anesthesia and in fact the needles to administer anything would only prolong the situation and add unwarranted pain.

I naively sat in this gray shiny chair and looked at all of the interesting gleaming instruments waiting to be allowed to get off this too tall chair. Before long this stranger in white was leaning over me coaching to open my mouth while he waved one of those interesting instruments in his large hand. It was over in a moment but I was shrieking in pain and fright while staring at my tooth that was now in his hand.

These were the memories that I hauled into the office today along with my x-rays of my currently abscessed tooth. However, I am happy to share that this visit was not a painful recreation of the first. After a lot of various numbing agents, a lot of pressure and just a little pain - my abscessed tooth moved residence and I am now happily medicated and impatiently waiting to not need those nasty little gauze pads that I need to stick every hour between my gums and teeth.

While the gap is much larger than I expected it to be, I am relieved that is not that noticeable. Hopefully before too long I can afford a spacer of some sort. I had been wishing the tooth had been below as my lower jaw could use the room as the housing there is quite crowded. However, since I learned today that abscessed teeth in the bottom jaw do not respond to anesthesia, in any amount, I am just as happy that this abscess was in the upper jaw.

And as to my poor mother - I don't recall her ever taking me to the dentist again. That job was placed squarely in my father's lap. Lucky for him - my next visit was a painless as the first had been painful and lucky for me- I got a play doctor's kit out of it. If I remember I think he wanted me to pick out the nurses kit. But the Doctor kit had a lot of stuff that looked like the dentist's equipment - and I had a lot of dolls that needed to see a dentist. (To read more about Gagnon click here. )

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Mother's prayer

Today in Mass I needed a little reinforcement so I checked the back of the book to see what they had there for prayers and I saw the prayer of Saint Francis and upon reading it, I was suddenly struck as to how much this is actually a prayer for mothers. I seriously doubt this is a new thought - except to me. Still I thought I would share it here again for others to reflect on.

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;

where there is hatred, let me sow love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith;

where there is despair, hope;

where there is darkness, light;

and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,

grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;

to be understood, as to understand;

to be loved, as to love;

for it is in giving that we receive,

it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.


In Spanish:

Señor Hazme un instrumento de tu paz.
Donde haya odio siembre yo tu amor.
Donde haya injuria perdón.
Donde haya duda fe,
Donde haya deseperación esperanza;
Donde haya oscuridad déjame traer luz
y Dónde haya tristeza alegría.

Oh divino Maestro, Concédeme que no busque
Ser conolado sino consolar;
Ser comprendido sino comprender;
Ser amado sino amar.
Es dando que recibimos;
Es perdonanado que somos perdonados
y Es muriendo que nacemos a la vida eterna.



Friday, August 01, 2008

Some days are just plain hard...

... and sometimes - it is not just one day - it is a series of days.

I will be honest - it has been a hard summer for me. While the release of our retirement funds, which is allowing my husband to pursue his Masters, has eased most of the financial stress in our lives - other forms of stress have replaced that stress.

While all professionals will agree a little stress can be a good thing - they all equally agree that a lot of stress is not a good thing. I think my summer falls into the too much stress category and my chest pains are agreeing with my conclusion. I feel extremely bummed, tired and worn out. Fighting a nonstop dental abscess for several weeks has not helped. But I digress - this is not the point of my post.

To be honest - I am not sure of the point of my post except to share the nitty gritty of real life in a real family. And to share a little of what I have learned about why God can push us to where we think we can not handle a moment more of the cross we are bearing.

Sadly - I cannot remember the author whom I heard speaking on EWTN last week as she shared her story of the birth of her fifth child and his short, but most valued and loved life that he had with herself, her husband and his four siblings. What stood out the most in her talk was her comment about being pushed beyond what she felt she could bear. She said that as a result of these moments, she had realized that in that moment that you call out to God that you can not bear it another moment - you have reached the moment where you have realized that you can not do it alone and that was what God was waiting and pushing for. That HE is not waiting for you to do it alone, but rather to realize your need for HIM to carry you through.

She said she thought the expression 'God will never give you more than you can bear', should be written as: God will never give you more than you and HE can bear.

This is what I am s l o w l y learning. I can not carry these burdens alone and that I must remember to turn to HIM in all things. This is not always easy to do. Why is it that it is often 'easier' to keep struggling than to remember that HE is waiting there with open arms to catch us before we fall - if only we will ask Him. I don't know the answer to that question, I just know that it is one of my biggest failings.

And so, while I try to gather my strength, try to rest in the Spirit and look for healing from the great Healer, I humbly ask your your prayers. I am just so very, very, very tired.

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