Sunday, December 04, 2005

Second Sunday in Advent

Today has been a nice quiet day for our family. We passed out invitations today at Mass for a little party we hope to have this coming Gaudette Sunday. Just a few friends and a little fun on the Sunday of hope!

There was a little fun to be had after Mass today at my expense. Some of the little kids and I were helping put a few decorations up that were needed for a function occurring later in the afternoon. So it was a good while before we joined the older kids and children sitting in the van
...waiting.... with little to do.... except hang my diaper bag from the mirrow on the passenger door with a lock and then pretend to have lost the key....

As I looked at my husband he quipped:
"Well, if you are going to leave us waiting here for an hour with nothing to do.... what can you expect?"

They finally produced the key, much to my relief! Read more!