Sunday, May 04, 2008

Don't I have enough kids already...

...without trying to take someone else's while entering the zoo?

Today we sped through the entrance of the zoo as we have prerequisite "Cuteness Pass" that all members of the zoo carry and that five year old Emma solemnly held out for the gate attendant to examine. Then catching glimpse of a short brunette in the corner of my eye caused the instant reflex of my calling out: "Come along sweetheart!" while my head turned to catch up with my words.

A startled six year old stared at me while she clutched her mothers hand who, thankfully, just grinned at my goof up! I apologized and hurried to catch up with my own gang, err family! You would think the prospect of counting eight heads for the next 2 hours would have satisfied me, without my feeling the need to add a ninth! Read more!