Thursday, October 13, 2005

Where was I???

We had an impromtu birthday party for Teddy last night - he turns nine this month. A friend came over with her famous homemade CHOCOLATE cake (Yummmm!) and the girls rushed upstairs to wrap his gifts. Once we had the table set complete with a homemade tablecloth that the children had decorated themselves, I grabbed my camera so we could snap a few pics. I got in one picture of the tablecloth, and my camera began to complain that the memory was full. I was confused as I knew I had recently emptied it and begun a new file for October on my computer.

So I quickly hit the review button, and below you will find a few samples of what I found. Apparently - my kids have been playing with the camera the past week. Now the question is WHERE was I when they were doing this! Read more!

Read more!