Monday, August 11, 2008

Whats up doc....


Other than our a/c breaking on the second floor with the temps being in the low 30's c (or high 80's low 90's) there is not much news to report.

I have been glued to my monitor for days now and not writing either... as you can tell by the lack of posts. I have been studying curriculum and different kinds of grammar programs and reading programs and math programs and more curriculum. Then I debated whether to combine grades and buy three copies of some texts...

FINALLY - while out driving with Hugo, just driving quietly around town with the windows open enjoying the (hot) breeze, and not really thinking about all of my choices that my brain was drowning, that my brain was, that my brain was drowning in... the answer came to me. Which curriculum and whether to mix grades or not.

So when I return from Ohio in a few days, I will begin ordering books and lesson plans. I am at peace and anxious to get the plans in place. Then a few changes will be in order to the computer in the dining room, and or the desk it is on, so that I can write in the same room where the children are schooling and I think I will be closer than ever to being able to combine my writing with my busy life - guilt free.

And hopefully my lovely readers will get to taste the benefits from all of this stretching of brain cells from the past couple of days.

See you on Wednesday!

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