Friday, December 15, 2006

You get three guesses...

And the first two don't count!

Why are all the dining room chairs like this?
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24 years ago today....

...I became a mother for the first time.

After many hours of labour at last my joy was held in my arms and a tiny bright eyed baby with the cutest red nose stared back up at me. She was three days early and perfect in every way. Her little nose earned her the nickname of Rudolf with the nurses in the nursery.

Today, twenty fours years later, I am still cuddling little ones, changing diapers and laughing at the antics of small people who are always imitating their elders. And while the baby gear has changed a lot over two decades, the joy that I experience as a parent has not.

Whether I am enjoying a cuddle with a little one, or sharing a cup of tea over the miles by chatting through IM with an adult child in another State, the wonder of being a parent is as miraculous now as it was that first day, twenty four years ago.

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