Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back Pack update

After wearing her back pack and little else all day, Elsa finally fell asleep and was put to bed. So I took the opportunity to discover just what enough is to a three year old.

Enough for an over night trip is:
3 pairs undies
4 t-shirts
1 pair of shorts
1 dress
1 pair of P.J. bottoms
1 P.J. top from different set than the pj bottoms
1 bathing suit
1 pair of yellow flip flops
3 sheets of paper and 2 pencils

... just enough, eh?


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From the peanut gallery

We are preparing to head to Ohio for one of our whirlwind picks trips. However, this time we have made reservations for a hotel room at a location with an indoor pool. Given we are used to temps of 35 c and the high is 25c, plus the possibility of rain, an indoor pool seem the better plan.

But I digress, as part of my preps I caved in and bought two cute, but rather small back backs for Emma and Elsa. Spying hers at breakfast time, Elsa properly ooohed and awed over it and announced she needed to pack it NOW.

A few minutes later she flew down the stairs in her typical style and fashioned her very full pack hanging from her shoulders for me.

"Oh", I asked, "what did you pack?"

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