Sunday, June 08, 2008

Open Line Saturday ... on Sunday!

Oppps! Saturday quite got away on me - but I did get some pics to go along with the post. Just didn't get the post written.

So last Saturday you were left hanging, wondering how I have resolved the problem of never having enough towels for bath time no matter how many times I washed them in a week. Heck, I could wash two loads in a day and they could be all back in a laundry basket before bedtime.

It took a couple of steps to resolve the problem. The first was to buy each child a special towel so that it was easy to identify whose towel was whose. This took care of a lot of problems especially the "name that towel" game as in WHOSE towel has been left on the bathroom floor??? Now there is no guessing. The culprit is immediately identified either by colour or cartoon character.

This solution was not as expensive as I dreaded. For the youngest two I purchased each a lovely colourful beach towel. I believe the price was under ten dollars each. For the next four rungs in our ladder of nine currently residing at home I discovered a lovely purchase at the local super store to the tune of about 5 dollars a piece and there was just the right number of colour selections. Again - they were beach towels. The next two on the ladder were my teen aged young ladies, so I splurged a little and bought them each a set of organic cotton towels complete with bath towel, hand towel and face cloth. Sad to say the price more than the advertised label of organic caught my attention - less than 24 dollars a set.
The oldest, our 21 year old son, brought his own hunter green bath towel when he returned home this summer to pursue some college courses at the local college, so no expense was needed there. That just left my husband and I. However, my recent additions of colour coded bath towels suddenly opened up a whole new gaggle of unclaimed towels to pick from.

None the less, I was still often finding Hugo and I sans a towel when one was needed. This was due to another problem that needed to be resolved before he and and I could begin to enjoy the luxury the children were now experiencing - an available towel whenever needed.

The problem? Broken drain pipes under the sink. For months we had not been able to drain the kitchen sinks properly and knowing our land lady as not in a very good financial situation and yet had been very patient with us when we were often behind in our rent the past year, we were not anxious to bother her with this current challenge. But when the bathroom drains went upstairs we decided it was time to let her know.

Suddenly I know the joy of being able to pour a stale cup of coffee down the kitchen drain without the worry those few ounces may have caused the pail under the sink to over flow, requiring ... towels for the clean up. THIS is where the currently freed up towels were being put to use, often leaving the towel cupboard bare. We all tried to remember to check the pail before dumping liquid down the sink, or while washing the huge piles of dishes that need to be washed daily in our home. Still we experienced an overflow almost daily, and sometimes more often. Occasionally the odd bucket was overturned on its way to be dumped down a a working drain. This was known to sometimes to cause the flowing of more liquids - tears of frustration.

Now that that difficulty has been resolved, the hot weather is upon us and my solution to towels, towels, towels everywhere and yet none to be had is about to face its final test to see if I have the definitive solution or not. Can my stack of colour coded towels meet the demands of daily pool play and shower time? Only time will tell. I'll let y'all know when the verdict is in.

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