Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bleary eyed & tired...

It was shortly after midnight and suspecting my 15 yr old was still chatting through her gmail account, to an old friend who had moved out of State, I headed downstairs to tell her to clear off the computer and hit the sheets. As my feet hit the floor I discovered another pair of feet that were attached to a long pair of thin legs that were attached to the torso of my 12 yr old while his head and arms were somewhat hidden almost under the TV. I could not tell if he was shoving videos under the TV cabinet or pulling them out from under. However, before I could discern just what weird activity this errant 12 year old was engaged in a small black furry body shot out from under the tv and across the room, scurried past my feet and down the hall. At almost equal speed the young man dropped his videos and was off after the black blur of fur with his eyes widening as he caught sight of me in his peripheral vision.

In silence and shock I watched this young kitten mewing in terror as it fled about the house with Benjamen hot on his tail, spewing out an explanation as he passed by me. "I heard a noise, I thought it was Nosey (his other adopted stray) I was worried he was hurt so I came down..." At this point both he and the kitten skidded and turned the corner and Benjamin shouted over his shoulder..."I saw him on the road and I just couldn't leave him there..."

I saw a chance this wild kitten might tear out the front door if I opened it as he fled past me again, so I positioned myself by the door and opened it. Standing there, as if in anticipation of a possible late night snack, was Nosey. He confidently sauntered in and the kitten quickly veered to its left and scurried into the fireplace where it cowered behind the decorative logs. Nervously eyeing Nosey and wondering if he intended to join the frenzy, I moved towards him to encourage him to go back whence he came - into the dark humid night. But before I could get close enough to him to shoo him out, what to my wondering eyes should appear but Sam - the family indoor cat. Sam detests Nosey but loves kittens. Not yet spying his mortal enemy Sam tried to seek out the source of the wild mewing and I scooped him up and thrust him into the lap of the oblivious 15 yr old who was still calmly tapping away on the keys of the dining room computer. "Quick" I hissed at her, "Get Sam back upstairs and CLOSE the hallway door!" Bewildered, she hurried away with him while I guided Nosey back out the front door and firmly closed it.

Firmly grasping a broom with the hopes of gently encouraging the kitten out from behind the stack of logs and into the cat carrier Benjamin now had waiting in front of the fireplace I strode across the living room. After several unsuccessful attempts at this, I had Benjamin carefully remove the logs. all the while this kitten was screaming frantically mewing, leaving me to wonder why the whole house was not yet awakened and all in the living room offering advise and guidance.

Anna appeared and quietly watched, worry sketched in her eyes. Obviously she had finally looked at a clock and knew this kitten was not enough of a distraction to save her from what was to come. At last we achieved success and the kitten was deposited in the side yard and Nosey carefully admonished not to eat to leave said kitty alone and the front door was closed and locked. After I was finished with discussing the errors of the night with the two culprits I hoarsely quietly bid them good night and crawled back into bed again, thinking that by tomorrow this kitten will have disappeared back to where ever it came from.

At 7:30 am a cellphone buzzed, notifying me that a text had come in. I opened it and read from my neighbour;

"Just a little heads up. Walking Ariel early this morning & saw a new visitor on your front porch of the itty bitty kitty variety."

Anyone want a cat... anyone.... please???

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