Monday, July 02, 2007

Photo update....

Wedding photos will appear as soon as we receive them from the photographer, Paul Tomas of Cary NC.

Until then, like my readers, I await impatient... err I mean patiently. I believe they are almost ready and Paul hopes to mail us the CD soon.

Thankfully I am more closely related to cats, than dogs and so have nine lives to work through while my curiosity to see the final product almost kills me. I see you smiling Michaela!!! Read more!

The Honest Truth...

Even with only three small ones at the table - it was still a rather loud dinner taking place. Bethany, before leaving to go on an errand with her daddy had decided to bequeath her harmonica to Elsa, her 2 year old sister.

After a few minutes of sucking and blowing on it and getting little return from her efforts, Elsa tossed it aside and moved on. Emma and Nathaniel pounced on it, wrestled over it and Nathaniel being the stronger of the two won first dibs on it. I have to say, the boy has talent.

The grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade wheat bread was ready so we sat down at the table and tucked in to the simple but delicious meal. Every other bite, however, was punctuated with Emma's constant whine;
"Pleeeeease Tanny, can't I have a turn?", sometimes alternated with "I can't I have a turn to make some mucus!" (Read music for mucus...)

Knowing that her talent with a harmonica is about the same as most four year olds, I tried to turn a deaf ear to her pleas. Finally unable to bear it any longer, I sighed:

"Please Emma, would you stop your whining about the harmonica!"

To which she replied:

"But Momma, if you would just give me the harmonica - I wouldn't whine any more." Read more!