Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh say it isn't so...

Not yet two, Elsa now responds to most comments and requests with ...


It's time to change your diapers, Elsa.
Because they are stinky.
Elsa gets up to change diapers.

Elsa, lets go eat.
Because it's time to eat.
Elsa gets up to go eat.

Elsa, put your book up please.
Because I want you to.
Elsa puts book on shelf.

Thankfully she has not yet advanced to Emma's level of why...

Emma: "Momma why is that boy crying?" She points to the little boy behind us in the check out line at the doctor's office.
Momma: "Oh, I guess he is sick."
Emma; "Oh, why is he sick."
Momma: "I'm not sure. I guess he got some germs."
Emma: "Oh WHY? WHY did the little boy get germs Momma?"
Momma: "Ummm, maybe he didn't wash his hands?"
Emma: "But why didn't he wash his hands Momma?
Momma: "I don't know Emma, why do YOU think he didn't wash his hands?"
Emma: " I don't know Momma, Why, why didn't he wash his hands, why is he sick Momma?
Momma: Sighs heavily and wishes little boy had washed his hands and was not sick and was not crying and trys to change subject. "Look Emma, there's a picture of pretty girl with some kittens."
Emma: "Oh she is pretty. Why does she have three kittens Momma. Why?

Now that I think about it, I guess I know why Elsa now says why to almost everything I say or ask... she is spending too much time with her big sister Emma. Read more!

What makes Momma a nice momma?

Emma: Momma, can I have some candy pleeeease? Pleeeease Momma?

Momma: Emma! No! It's too early in the morning. You still have to eat your breakfast. What kind of momma would I be if I gave you candy before breakfast.

Emma: A nice momma! A really nice momma!

I was tempted... very tempted. Read more!