Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well, well, well...

Virtuous Tuesday has rolled around again and I have yet to actually write a post about how family life offers us the possibility to grow in virtue. Sadly today is not going to prove different. Instead I am going to share what is coming up this week on my blog and why I am doing it this way. As regular readers are aware, I have been experiencing back pain and problems with my neck. These are old injuries that a fall back in September aggravated and I am beginning to wonder if sitting at the computer and especially typing is aggravating it... So I thought to myself, this being the last full day of summer vacation for us, I might as well go full out and get as much writing done as possible and then avoid the computer as much as possible for a few days and see if that, along with the changes we have made to our bed, will help my continuous discomfort. (The frame was broken so we removed it and put the bed on the floor to see if that would make a difference.)

So far I have accomplished three posts that are ready to be posted on their relevant days and am hoping to come up with a few more before the end of the day.

I am praying and hoping that taking a short break from the computer will allow some healing to take place. I know that until I can afford to see a chiropractor and get some much needed adjustments I will not find complete relief. However, I believe the last months of sleeping on a crooked bed frame has exacerbated the misalignment of the vertebra in my neck. I am hoping that heat therapy alternated with some icing, along with avoiding the poor posture I fall into at the computer for a few days straight through, will bring some relief from the muscle strain that I feel in my upper body.

I have also prayed for some relief and have felt God's grace in that regard. Please, if you think of it over the next few days, add me to your prayers for God's healing is my best hope for gaining some sense of relief. While I am not in a lot of pain, it is almost continuous and so is very wearing and very tiring which makes the fulfilling my duties as a wife and mother very difficult. I would like to thank every one in advance for their prayers.
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