Monday, March 27, 2006


I found the HTML for the google adsense ads that just were not working. Finding the HTML allowed me to finally remove those bewitching little links. I even managed to close my account.

And then all became clear.

On the same day I got two emails. One congratulating me on 'finally being approved and I would now find my adsense ads up and running'. Right behind it came the email telling me that they had, at my request, closed my account and should I wish to use google/adsense again to please begin the application process again...

No thanks... those little links sitting there at the top of my page were just screaming at me - click me, click me, click me... They were too tempting. Much like how the beautiful bright shiny red handle in the wall, was too temping for my 4 year old; so many years ago when his oldest sister was dancing in the Cinderella Ballet, in the cold winter nights of December... and everyone had to evacuate the dressings rooms in whatever apparel (or lack of) that they were in. One of my daughter's more cherished memories - I'm sure! Thankfully Teddy looked more like three than four, and I said nothing to dispell this mistaken notion.

So - enough of these little tempting links winking at me. Instead I am going to try Crisp Ads - they seem to be more open about what they are advertising. No little links that you have to click on, to see what is behind them. AND- I was approved the same day I applied! Now I just have to figure out how to place them on my blog. Read more!

A Blogger Moment or Two...

I was once more baking and surrounded by flour, bowls, and children. Chairs were dragged across the floor and fingers were eagerly helping. In an attempt to squeeze in at the counter, Emma dragged Elsa's rocking chair over and quickly stepped up onto it.

"Uh uh!" I admonished her. "Please don't stand on the rocking chair, Emma."

"Otay" she replied. "I won't"

Well, that was easy, I congratulated myself. No dramatics, no whyyyys? Then I noticed what she had done.

With her nose just barely grazing the counter top, she had quickly gone from standing to kneeling - on the rocking chair...

A different blogger moment, same child...

"Emma, do you want your sandwhich cut in an X?


Smiling I asked; "And what do you say, Emma?"

"Yet, Mummy."

A little louder, but still smiling, I asked again;

"What do you say Emma?"

A little louder herself, Emma responded "YET."

"What do you say?"

A little frustrated now Emma repeated; "YET!"

"Yes, what, Emma?"

"Yet, an X, Mummy!" Read more!