Thursday, April 02, 2009

Instring game!

As our van sped down the highway bringing us closer to our destination where we were to pick up some merchandise I suddenly spied a heron. It was gracefully afloat on a wind draft and gliding across the sky above the highway, heading for a spot of water on the other side of the road.

I called the kids attention to it and all necks craned to catch a glimpse of this beautiful bird before he made his landing in the small pond. This sparked, almost 14 yr old, Noah's imagination.
"Hey guys, let's all play a game. We will watch for things we think are interesting and call it out for everyone else to see. If at least three of us all think it's interesting than that person gets a point. I think Mummy should get the first point for an interesting thing to see!"

There was boisterous agreement and soon the air was rent with: "Hey I see a barn!" "I see a boat on a pole" and on and on. There was lots of voting and happily no arguments when some interesting things were rejected as too common.

Emma and Elsa were not quite grasping the concept of the game while they also struggled with the word interesting.

Emma would call out; "Hey I thought of something inter, instress, instring!" And Elsa was right behind her also calling out all kinds of insteressing ideas. Ultimately they settled on 'instring'.
Finally we explained one more time to Emma that we were not looking for instring ideas but rather instring things along the road - that she had to have seen.

There as a momentary pause in her particpation in the game until she called out excitidly: "Hey guys I just saw something instring in my mind!"

This was a very instring game indeed!

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