Thursday, October 22, 2009

UPDATED too cute...

Elsa and Bethany... read all about it HERE!

Oooops! Carrie has pointed out in a comment that this blog is blocked. I should have known that as it is my daughters blog! I will post her little story directly here as soon as I have time. My apologies! (Blush!)


Here is the little conversation this post was supposed to link to. (This post is from Bethany's little blog which is open to friends and family, I'll add the picture Bethany chose for her post later.)

I have a sister, err..... man named Elsa. To understand why I am calling her my little man, you will have to read this conversation.

Me: Grrr! I am a monster who eats little girls!!! Rawr!
Elsa: On nooo! Well, I am a grown up.
Me: Oh, you are?
Elsa: Yes, (she deepens her voice here) and I am also a MAN even though I am so small! Read more!