Friday, August 31, 2007

prayer request....

To all my faithful readers:

We have won some most excellent auctions but our sales this month have been exceptionally slow. Would you pray for us that we experience a quick turn around in our sales so that we can pay for these auctions? We are praying and working hard. We simply need a little miracle. If anyone of you would like to have an idea of what type of things we sell, you can check us out on eBay;
out_of_thebox is our eBay id.

We have a lovely website that was built for us by a good friend and we have been trying to build up merchandise on this website as one can typically sell items on individual web sites for a significant amount more than on eBay. Please pray for us that we can generate some successful traffic to this website.

If you do check us out, you will see we have quite a variety of merchandise although typically we have more of the higher end items listed but our good stuff is wanning so it is so important that we can pay for these auctions.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

In response to a readers request that I post a link to our items on eBay I have chosen a few items to give you an idea of the variety of the things we sell.

Clark Headsets

Fujitsu Accessories

And I have NO clue what this is, but my husband does...

Plate Maker

We often sell broadcasting type equipment but have pretty much sold out of that this month. We won quite a bit of this type of merchandise in these auctions and my husband is very excited about it so please do pray for our success over the next few days.

One last item to give you a bit more of an idea of the variety that we sell.


From any one of these listing you can jump to our eBay store or other items for sale. Have fun exploring! Read more!