Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Life imitiating

There has been a friendship blossoming between two children: a young lady who is not yet 7 and a young man who is also in the single digits. But of late my darling daughter has begun to complain that her newly found friend was avoiding her and she was bitterly disappointed as she has not yet made many friends her own age.

Then today she came to me all excited.
"Mummy - now I know why 'X' doesn't want to play with me these days. "
Before I could ask why she burst forth with the explanation.
"Its because I talk so much, he said. He just wants to play but I just talk, talk, talk!", her hands flew in added demonstration of how she just talks, talks, talks!
Before I could commiserate she rushed to tell me: "So now I know what to do - talk less!" With that she flew away to practicing playing... with less talking.

Hmmm - this might be a challenge for this little one of mone - there is a reason her father has nick named her motor mouth...
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