Friday, January 11, 2008

The Power of Prayer and the Promised Announcement.

If you recall, before Christmas, I promised an announcement of something big. Well, after much prayer Hugo and I decided, just before Christmas, to close down the business. Currently we are in the process of liquidating and Hugo has begun the application process to Grad School and is also looking for a job, part time or full. This was decided with some trepidation as we really were not sure where we would go from here.

Last week Hugo and I began a nine day novena to the Infant Jesus with the request being a job for Hugo, a job for Miguel and a job for Jonathan who is returning to college and badly needs money to help pay for his next semesters expenses. As usual, Baby Jesus is coming through for us. Miguel had a job interview today at 4 pm and a few days ago I received a call from a fellow parishioner. He had read some of my writing and wanted to know if I might be willing to try my hand at writing grant proposals!

I was! So long story short, Hugo had the cell phone when Charles Patten of SITorg called and later the next day both Hugo and I met with the staff as well as the founder of SITorg. We were very impressed with the enthusiasm of everyone involved in this organization and it seems that they in turn were pleased with us. So both of us will be involved with SITorg for the next little while. (Hopefully for some time to come!) I will be involved in procuring funds for the organization and Hugo will be developing the Hispanic line of courses and teaching classes in Spanish/English. He will keep our business going for a little while longer esp. as what he is doing actually works well with the mission of SITorg, which is:

  • To Provide free upgraded computers for those in need.
  • Low cost technology services, and computers to benefit the community.
  • Provide environmentally sound solution for technological waste.

  • And all of is this is accomplished through the mentoring of the young children who participate in this after school program. What the children gain from this program is priceless. They are not only learning marketable skills, but the importance of proper stewardship of the environment as well as practicable means of accomplishing this, and all of this in a safe, Christian environment.

    We have not yet finished the novena for jobs for Hugo, Miguel and Jonathan, we will be finishing it this Saturday, but the sweet Baby Jesus has already been busy! Not only have Hugo and I found something, but tonight Miguel received a phone call telling him that he had the job he interviewed for today.

    I am very excited about this new venture and have already been working on finding some local donations as SITorg is between grants and would be very happy to receive monetary donations as well as computers! Please be sure to move your cursor over the red print in bold and check out the pages they take you too. Please note that SIT's website was created by the students involved in this program and if you wish to view another website created by them you can click here . If, after exploring SIT's site, you think this is a worthy program and would like to support it in some way, large or small, please click here.

    In the meantime, Hugo and I need to finish our Novena and then begin another of Thanksgiving and we would certainly appreciate all of your prayers for success in these new endeavors, my grant proposal writing, Hugo's classes and Hugo's studies as he pursues a Master's degree in Project Management. Please also keep Miguel & Jonathan in your prayers as they further their studies and Miguel begins a new job!

    And I would like to finish this post with a note of gratitude to all of you, my readers, for the prayers you have offered up again and again for us!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
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