Friday, April 21, 2006

Popular Joint...

One night, several weeks ago, we awoke to the door quietly creeking open. A small body crept in and a little voice asked; "Tan I 'leep wit you pease?" One of us lifted the blanket and she joined an already crowded bed. Elsa was curled up into my back, one of her favorite sleeping spots. Nathaniel had already joined us on Hugo's side of the bed. I'm not sure when, but I could see his curly top sharing Hugo's pillow.

Hugo raised his head and looked over all the little heads spread between us and gave a little chuckle.

"This bed seems to be a pretty popular joint these nights, eh?"

This brought a smile to me face and I laughed into my pillow. Yes! Our bed sure is a popular joint! I guess our popularity is partly why I am so tired most days. Read more!