Sunday, January 21, 2007

What do large families drive?

No doubt most of my readers have read what Danielle and her readers have had to share about what kind of vehicle large families choose but in case any of you have not see the comment that took the prize click HERE. I am, almost, seriously considering getting one for us, especially if I can find one that does have a glass partition between the driver and passengers. Read more!

An excercise in twirling ...

... can be dangerous as one son learned Friday night. It can lead to a trip to the ER, a neck brace complete with cat scan as well as making a donation of five vials of blood to the lab resulting in the discovery that his diet could use an increase in bananas as he is very low in potassium.

Several hours later with a Frostee in hand, head still thumping with pain, said son returned home with his mum and following Doctors orders, both mum and dad stayed up all night watching season two of 24 so as to be able to wake aid son every two hours so as to ask him his name, age and rank, oops sorry that's Jack Bauer who answers those questions.

And given that mum2twelve is operating on so little sleep there is little more that she can say at this time! However, I can tell you that this son is recouperating well, and while he can not remember the fall he does not feel inclined to engage in such a twirling contest again. At least, not anytime soon. Read more!