Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why has mum2twelve been so sporatic in her postings...

...of late?

We are moving 11 people, two dogs, three cats and 1 bird and possibly one fish if he is still alive (I must ask my boys who share hteir room with him) and a full time business and the past month has been spent searching for our new home. It has been found and needs to painted from top to bottom and what better time to paint it than when it is empty?

Details and pictures will follow, but they are not on the computer that I am using right now. I will regale you with lots of before and after pictures though as we progress.

Catch you all later! Read more!


Gabriela currently wading through Emma by Austen walked into the kitchen, and with a huge sigh announced to the room in general.

"I've lost Emma again!"

To which our Emma gave a horrified gasp and said "You lost meeee?" Read more!