Friday, November 30, 2007

The pressure is on...

December second, the first Sunday is Advent is lying in wait for me - just around the corner. And I am determined to be ready for it. Yesterday I slipped out a couple of times and hit a few stores. In one I loaded up with candles for the Advent Wreath along with sewing materials for my advent tablecloths, and in another I stocked up on items to fill my Advent store that will open its doors come this Sunday.

Store, you ask? Advent store? Mum2twelve has finally succumbed to commercialism, you say. Not quite so. Allow me to elaborate before you lose all faith in me.

Long time readers, as well as family friends, may recall that come Thanksgiving we exchange names in preparation for Christmas and Advent. Throughout Advent the children are "secret angels" to the sibling whose name they have pulled from the basket. In addition to offering up prayers and doing little chores for them in secret, like making a bed, they like to earn little treats for them. So my little shop is ready to open, the buyers and future recipients have all seen the various offerings to be found. All that is left to do is for me to add to each item the numbers of points that must be earned in order to "buy" an item for sibling to whom one is the angel to. Extra chores have been written out with their value, in points, added at the bottom of the jobs description.

The angels are keen to begin and I am dreaming of a well cleaned sparkling home as my Advent Cupboard slowly empties.

Come this Sunday, my job is to have the white material for the base tablecloth washed, dried, sewn and ironed. Then I need to hem the purple sheet that will adorn the white cloth as a runner. Then I have some light weight plastic sheeting to use as a protective cover as my little ones are still messy eaters and given my dryer's terminal illness, I dare not count on it for the daily laundering of tablecloths. Later the plan is to replace the rose pink cloth that was lost in a move so that we can announce Gaudette Sunday by adorning the dining room table with a pink runner over the white cloth on the third Sunday of Advent. Sadly the beautiful St Nicolas tablecloth also disappeared in the same move and has yet to be replaced for use on December 6th, Saint Nicolas Day, and ultimately on Christmas day and the rest of the Christmas Season. In the meantime I hope to find some red material to create a a bright and colorful runner for announcing those special feast days.

This idea of announcing the Liturgical changes in the calender with table cloths or runners was shared at a homeschooling meeting I attended ever so many years ago while still living in Canada. We did this for many years until some of the cloths disappeared and this year I was determined to start this beautiful tradition once more. Now all this is left to purchase is some plasticine (modeling clay) to create holders for the candles for the Advent wreath.

I have a full 34 hours within which to wash, dry and sew the base table cloth and prepare the purple one as well. No worries. None at all. Nope - totally calm, got it all under control. I am definitely prepared, the second of December cannot possibly sneak up on me and catch me of guard. Not this year! Read more!