Wednesday, July 06, 2005

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We are in training...

We are in training this summer. Toilet training that is…. A most difficult, stressful time for both the trainee and the trainer! So I think I can be forgiven when I succumbed, in desperation, the other day to bribing 2 and a half yr old Emma.
“Emma!”, I said in a conspiratorial whisper.
“If you go pee in the pottie – you and I can go to the gas station and buy a treat – a candy!”
Apparently my whisper was more of the stage type as our 4 yr old, solidly toilet trained, jumped up from his train track engineering and shouted;
“Oh, I will doe pee Mummy! I’ll doe to duh baa-woom!” And before I could respond, he was in the bathroom and …. well, you can guess the rest. Pulling his pants up, his round blue eyes lit with expectation he said; “Ohtay Mummy – I weady to doe to the gas hation!”
Inspired, Emma climbed up on the toilet, and tried very, very hard. Sadly, without any success. Did we go to the gas station? Yes – to get some pop for Emma to drink in hopes that a fuller bladder might help. And it did – we just didn’t make it to the pottie in time… Oh well – we have the whole summer to go! Say a prayer though, please! Read more!

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