Saturday, February 03, 2007

How goes your day...

...when the majority of your children become ill and you have not yet managed to route them all through your new doctors office that insists on "well check ups" before your children fall ill.

Mine goes something like this:

Wake up squeezed between coughing, hacking babies and roll quickly out of the way of the one gaging on the mucus in her throat.

Get partially dressed, opting to stay in jammie bottoms to save time.

Organize cleaning party with those still healthy enough to clean, so as to clean up from supper last night since everyone was too tired to clean up last night.

Blow a kiss good bye to husband as he escapes to the office.

Call and cancel visit to friends house, realizing that bringing this plague to their house would be a good way to wreck a blooming friendship. Promise to pray the Rosary at about 2 pm when we would have been able to pray together.

Smile admiringly as proud son shows you the large bowl of pudding he has just finished whipping and then swallow back sarcatic remark when the bowl flips over and out of his hands. Whince as he lifts the bowl up and try not to think about how much milk is sitting there in that large dark chocolate mountain, slowly ebbing from the kitchen floor out onto the dining room floor.

Chase down 20 month old and with help from other kids wrestle her to the ground so as to change her and while you are at it - clean her nose.

Plug cell phone in so it can charge while you wait for the Doctor on call to call back - for your 20 year old son. You haven't dared call the pediatricans office yet to try and determine which of the ones who have not yet had their well check ups can actually be seen.

While in kitchen spooning up jello and pudding for those too ill to swallow anything thicker than liquid you miss cell phone call from Doctor because somehow the setting on the cell phone has switched to auto voicemail after 2 rings. Maybe the fact that the 20 month old is forever pushing the buttons on the phone can explain this mysterious change in settings?

Call office back and ask if the Doctor would mind calling again...

Chase down 20 month old again, and with help from other kids wrestle her to the ground so as to change her and while you are at it - clean her nose - again. Jump back when she gags on mucus....

After fielding second call from a very patient Doctor, you get a call from your husband asking if he should still go into the hospital for his out patient proceedures scheduled for Monday as his throat is starting to hurt. You pull out paperwork and look up reasons for postponing - there in bold letters is "fever, sore throat, cold symtoms."

Sighing, you offer to call the hospital for him and several calls later the surgeon decides that your husband should continue fasting and call in the morning if he is not feeling better, at which time he will call in antibiotics in case he has Strep like the 20 year old son does... but please, if possible, do not call during church hours... Hmmm, I actually liked that, so I asked what time he attended church and duely wrote it down.

Chase down twenty month old and beg her to eat just a little of the chocolate pudding you have served her. She looks at it and than looks at you and says "catpoo!" You offer her butterscotch pudding and meet with success until she gags on more mucus and decides she is full.

Later, much later, you remember to call husband and tell him to keep fasting. Your 20 year old reminds you that his prescription is still waiting to be picked up at the pharmacy. Thankfully you remember, as you grab the keys off the mantle, the decision you made early this morning as a time saving mechanism and go change into a pair of pants before leaving...

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