Saturday, July 28, 2007

John and Jenny's online Wedding Album

John and Jenny's Wedding album is online for a few weeks and then in late August, people will be able to view by invitation only.

If you wish to peruse the album, please click here: John and Jenny June 23 2007. I would also like to thank Paul Tomas again at this time for sharing his wonderful talent with our family on this joyous occasion and enabling us through his fantastic photographs to be able to review those special moments over and over. Again, here is his website, Paul Tomas Photography. Paul has a special from now until October 31st, for wedding photo sessions. If you know of anyone in the NC area planning a wedding, please share his website with them so they can see first hand his talent at catching those special moments.

One last request, those who visit the online album please respect Paul's copyright of the photos. He has very generously allowed our family to freely use his photos, if you should use them for any reason, be sure to give him credit and if possible refer to his website. Read more!