Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The count down has begun...

All Hallows Eve may be just around the corner and Trunk or Treat, festivities planned by our parish might be in the throes of being organized, but my eight year old has her eyes set on a much bigger and more important date.

"72 days to Christmas!" She announced to me enthusiastically from her bathroom stall in Cracker Barrel where we had made our final food stop for the day as we drove back from Ohio.

"Aha", I replied and called back, "So, how many days to Advent?"

She didn't know and to be honest, neither did I. Well by my quick calculations I think it is about 53 days. The first Sunday in Advent will fall on the 26th of November. Danielle is obviously thinking along the same track as me as she has announced this blog on her website this week. I think I will mosy on over later today and check it out a little further. After all I have one child determined to keep my toes! I need to be ready!

Today it is 71 days to Christmas!
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