Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October chills and colors!

What a sight to behold. My three year old with fluffy red curls flowing over the shiny green hood of her flannel lined plastic raincoat under which peeks her bright red plaid shirt that flapped over the light pink pants she was wearing. These ended just at her ankle where one saw on her dainty toes a pair of over sized blue beach shoes. She was ready for play in the chilly autumn afternoon amidst the leaves the older children were raking on the front lawn.

There will no worry of losing her amongst the piles of leaves.
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More October fun....

Some of the pictures were taken with the cell phone and others with our digital camera and all of them were taken by Hugo - while I was upstairs penning my thoughts of Elsa's fashion statement. Neither knew what the other was doing - both were inspired by Elsa's colourful outfit!

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