Sunday, March 19, 2006

Easter came in first at a landslide at 64 %,
Christmas came in at a distant second at 27%.
Alla Saints Day, Feast of Corpus Christi and Other tied for third at 3% each.

A reader very kindly posted what their "other" choice was and why.

"The favorite feast day in our family (though it is SO hard to choose) is Saint Anthony of Padua, June 13. Not only is he a holy, all around wonderful saint, he was the patron of our courtship, he is the patron of our marriage, and we were married on his feast day."

Thank you for sharing Janet. St Anthony is a great favourite in our family too! I choose his name for my confirmation name, even though I am a girl.

My brain is tired and so... I have not come up with another poll yet. The children and I will put on our thinking caps and hopefully have one up before the end of the day. In the meantime, I pray everyone has a restful and peaceful Sunday.

Thank you also for everyone's prayers and assistance the past two weeks. We have been able to pay one of the three months rent we are past due and are now praying for discernment regarding our future. Today is day seven of our novena to Saint Joseph. If anyone would care to join us on the last days of our novena we are using this one. We are asking for the graces, guidance and resources to create a stable income for our family that will allow us to meet our basic family needs while being able to maintain balance and order in our life and make good use of our graces and gifts to grow in holiness for the glory of God. We have also asked for the graces to enjoy our blessings as well as what we already have around us.

GOD Bless you all! Read more!