Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Despite accidentally sending in my letter of application and portfolio from my rather unprofessional mum2twelve email address I received a fairly quick response to my application...

"Hi Christi,

Thank you for applying to our Expert Tea Blogger position.

Due to the response we've received for this position, we are asking each qualified candidate to remit 2 sample articles for the Tea blog. The topics are to be as follows:

· Sample article 1 – the history of tea with a focus on blended tea

· Sample article 2 – health benefits of tea"

And this was concluded with more details as to what they were looking for. So I have begun my research. Do you have any idea of the sheer number of websites dealing with tea, tea pots, tea parties, Victorian tea parties and on and on? At least there will no end of shortage of material, should I bag this job.

Note the line stating qualified candidate. I am hoping this was not just a form letter emailed to all applicants. It would be nice to think I am actually one of the qualified. And I not just a little cowed by this requested assignment, so I again I ask for everyones' prayers... it will be a loooong night.

Thank you to one and all who have been praying for me so far. I have truly felt them. THANK YOU. Read more!

"God does not call us to be successful, but to be faithful."
Mother Theresa

There is a story behind the reason for posting this quote. Tune in later.

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