Monday, October 20, 2008

A post advertsing another post....

Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened an email from a Jonathan Stampf, author of Hear My Voice asking me if I would be interested in advertising his book on my mum2twelve blog. I was, to say the least, tickled. I have been looking into ways as how to make money from my time spent on my blog and some form of advertisement has been one of them. However, I want to make sure that anything I advertise to my readers will be something of the highest quality and of value. I, am after all, lending the good name of my blog to a product and I do not want my readers disappointed. So – as excited as I was about this opportunity falling into my lap, I had a few questions. I shot off my first, via email, and this was – does this children’s book of Gospel readings have an imprimatur? He responded almost immediately that no he did not but would be glad to send me a “readers copy” of his book so that I could review it closely and see if it was something that appealed to me. In the meantime I had a couple of urls from his first email that would allow me a quick preview of the book.

This book has apparently been written with first communion aged children in mind and I have one just that age, with another quickly falling on the heels of him. Learning I had a blog dedicated to reviews of books and movies, he then asked if I would care to review his book on it. I agreed. After all what better way to really know if this was merchandise with which to launch my first advertisement.

So without further delay – I encourage you to scurry over to my Catholic, Classic and Current Books and Movies blog and read my review of this book Hear My Voice by Jonathan Stampf.

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