Saturday, August 06, 2005

Neck and Neck!

Well - I have to say that Emma, Zack and Ares are all progressing with their toilet training. In fact you could say they are currently neck and neck, with some days better than others. But I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel! Read more!

illness abounds...

I have not had time to post the last three days since in addition to the normal, (usually joyful), chaos that abounds in our life ,we have various children running temperatures from 39 - 40 c or 103 to 104 f. (I guess I really did have the flu last week, and not just an "allergic" reaction to puppies!)

I feel blessed that so far we have not had stomach heaves or any other complaints - just a general malaise and high temps. Mind you, I am keeping a close eye on Bethany, my 7 year old, who started with the fever last night. Last November, while my husband was on the road, and I was without a vehicle and did not have 911 activated on my phone yet... she had seizures as a result of a very mild fever! Praise be to God she survived with no lasting side effects, while I (alas) gained a few more gray hairs!

So far her body is dealing well with the fever and responding to the Motrin - but I am still keeping a close eye on her!

My cartoonist has just sucumbed to the fever today - but still a cartoon is in the making and will be posted later today or early tomorrow. She has been hinting lately for a raise - I really should consider doubling, or even tripling her salary, after all 3 times zero is still zero - no? On the other hand - a night out with mummy for an icecream, or a soda might please my artist!

With this new onslaught of illness I have just remembered one very important way to know when you are a large family...

When you have enough members in your family that by the time a virus ciruclates through, it has mutated enough that the first victim falls prey to it a second time and the party starts all over again!

I would also like to thank Saint Anthony publicly for prayers answered. We have been looking for some time now for bunks - the ones with a double on the bottom and we are being blessed with not just one set, but two! These will come in very handy as we are currently squeezed into a 3 bedroom home!

Blessings to all and please keep us in your prayers the next few days, esp Bethany! Read more!