Tuesday, July 08, 2008


...you have to experience something to fully appreciate it and no matter how often you are told not to do something because it is dangerous - you still do it.

Emma recently experienced such an event. Emma loves to jump on her bed. But two nights ago she and Elsa collided, and the worse that Elsa experienced was a sore head but Emma almost bit through her tongue and was terrified by the blood.

Some ice and love, a little Motrin and she was ready to settle down for the night. However, she reassured me repeatedly that she would never jump on her bed again. Finally yesterday, she gave a huge sigh, after once more telling me that "I will never jump on my bed again!"

"What?'s the sigh for?" I asked.

"My poor bed. It might be so sad now that I will never jump on it again. "

But I think it is probably secretly celebrating and just looking sad for Emma's benefit. After all who wants to be jumped on every day!

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