Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So where has mum2twelve been hiding these past...

...eight days. Well, I would love to tell you she has been trailing the Pope around the eastern sideboard. But I haven't. I have been, GASP, working on T A X E S !! In between sorting out a years worth of receipts and sorting them into order and tallying up rows and rows of figures I have been introducing phonics to one of my younger children and occasionally remembering to throw in the odd load of clothes into the washer.

But in addition to this... we have put a cash offer on a house that is bank owned and now we are waiting to hear back. Please keep this in your prayers as buying this house at this price would allow us to live mortgage free and would be an incredible opportunity for us. Not only that but this house is only SIX minutes from our church. Our ability to attend the various functions as well as daily Mass would be quadrupled, at the very minimum. Thank you in advance for your prayers. I will keep you 'posted'.

God Bless
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Mothers love, God's Grace

You know that it can only be a mother's love coupled with God's grace that allows you to weakly smile and say "Thanks" when after spending hours;
photo copying,
and then sorting seventy phonogram cards into the correct order only to have your son helpfully pass you the box they are in and drop the box with a big OOOPS as the cards sloosh out and over the side.

GRATITUDE and RELIEF are what you feel when you are rewarded with the discovery that the worst that happened to the order of these seventy hand made cards is that is that only a few turned upside down, but miraculously all were still in the right order. Read more!