Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's interesting ...

...what a little less internet can do in your life! Today I am caught up with my laundry, we ate our meals on time, my rugs have been steam cleaned and the down stairs is all picked up. The fact that I am hoping this trend will continue is proof as to how much I live in fantasy land!!

After a fantastic electric storm that just would not go away - we lost our internet and our phones. But to be honest, I was already caught up with laundry and I had just finished cleaning the rugs when the neighbouring electric pole was, if not out right struck, than was swept by the lightening strike that shot sparks through the air and gasps of awe and shock from our mouths. The thunder was almost simultaneous and rocked the log house we live in.

Seriously though how then, if it was not the lack of internet that freed up all my time so that I could carch up with the laundry AND wash the rugs on the main floor? Desperation and determination that was shored up with prayer.

We have declared condition alpha in our home and are determined that through God's help and Mary's intercession we will obtain control over our domestic lives and the business. It has been a very long, long haul and we are still struggling and will for some time yet. However - I thank God for this struggle because in our weakness, and sometimes our failures, we are showing our children what prayer and faith can do. More importantly, I hope we are showing them that we can not do this alone, but must depend on God for ALL things - even our strength.

Now - I must go to bed - or I will not be able to get up on time and the child who has been appointed monitor for this week will have to mark an X beside Mummy on her report sheet. And if I am not well rested, then my hopes that this trend will continue really will only be a fantasy. Read more!